Chinese New Year Organic Hampers By BMS Organics

Chinese New Year celebrations are kicking in and this also marks the time for me to purchase some hampers home for my beloved family. It’s a tradition for me to shop for hampers that’s healthy and worthy at the same time. Thus, this year I’m surprising my family with a healthy Chinese New Year Organic hamper by BMS Organics.

Now, you might be pondering why BMS Organics? I’ve tried some of their organic products before and it tasted amazing. Plus, I loved to introduce new organic products to my family as well.  This year BMS Organics has prepared 15 hampers for our selection with price starting from as low as RM78 – to RM1,198.

Guess which one I’ve selected for my family? My chosen hamper is Organic Hamper 3988 which is value at RM398. There’s about 13 items packaged in this hamper ranging from healthy organic food to delicious cookies.  For my mom, the Changbai Mountain Wild Ginseng’ and ‘American Ginseng Fungus Drink’  is just perfect to revitalize her body. As for my dad, he loves noodles and rice however as he has diabetes there’s a need to control his diet. Giving him ‘18” Organic Longevity Noodles’, ‘Instant Brown Rice’ or  ‘10 Grain Rice’ is the best choice for him. As for my sisters and brothers, need I say more it’s definitely those yummy cookies packaged in this hamper such as ‘Pineapple Roll’, ‘Bentong Ginger Cookies’ and ‘Toasted Oat Germs Crackers’.  There are other amazing goodies in my BMS Organics hamper as well 😀

Here are some of the other hampers available at BMS Organics



PRICE RANGE: RM468 – RM1,198

You can purchase Chinese New Year Organic Hampers at BMS Organics outlets nationwide, for easy reference here’s the outlet listings . Optional, you may purchase it online as well at

Wishing everyone here a Happy Chinese New Year filled with abundance of health and good fortune!

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