PAWS For A Cause Charity Carnival

Loving animals and being there to care for them are two separate but are equally important if you are thinking of owning a pet. In fact, I have stumbled upon stories where owners dump their pets either because they are too busy or they are no longer willing to care for their pets.

Having participated the movie premiere of A Dog’s Purpose organized by Pawse for a Cause, I realized that dogs and humans share a bond that is really unique and most certainly not one that we should take granted for. The message carried throughout the film deeply resonates with me as animals do deserve a good life and we need strive to make that a reality them.

In the hope to further the fight against animal cruelty and increase awareness around the welfare of the same, Pawse for a Cause is making a comeback, organizing a second annual charity carnival on 29 July 2017 at Desa ParkCity. The effort seeks to spotlight the plight of strays nationwide, raise funds for pet non-profits, and educate the public on the Animal Welfare Act soon taking effect.

The carnival has a series of activities set, such as performances to professional workshops and consumer contests, the families and individuals in attendance can expect to be spoilt for choice. For serious adopters looking to add to their household, an all-day pet adoption drive will afford many animal lovers the opportunity to ride home with the perfect furball in tow.

The charity carnival aims to convey a call to action to a wider audience comprised of public and corporate donors to participate in cash and kind, and lend to the cause without ceasing. The 2017 fundraiser target has been set at RM100,000—the sum total of the proceeds will be evenly distributed amongst deserving pet welfare beneficiaries nationwide.

For more information, visit the official Pawse for a Cause website. Potential financial investors or parties interested in supporting via donations (i.e. food and shelter supplies) are advised to get in touch with Seema Subash directly at +6016 2363 197. To connect with the team via social media and keep current with the brand’s goings-on, visit Pawse for a Cause on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using its namesake handle.

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