Scent Maker Crazy Love & Laurel – A Perfumer’s Love Journey

Humans can store tons of beautiful memories in their mind but occasionally we need a little bit of help to recall it. A powerful scent can ignite those wonderful memories of something extremely personal and emotional.  Thus, let’s begin our ‘scent is a memory’ journey with Scent Maker a newly launch perfume brand in Malaysia. Introducing two of their international best seller fragrance, we’ve got Crazy Love and Laurel.  Each of the fragrance represents a different journey, memory and story.  Curious to know more then read on 😀


Scent Maker is a story about a travelling alchemist, a third generation perfumer crossing desserts, oceans and terrains in search of definition of himself. Each scent creates a new chapter and each chapter reflects his journey. Together we’re compel to follow his journey thru deep emotional love with ‘Crazy Love‘ to follow by hope ‘Laurel’ – a continuity or circle of his passionate love memories.




Crazy Love is their signature blend – a reminiscence of the beautiful precious  moments filled with happiness and blissfulness. The creation of this juice is filled with the floral perfume of rose with a hint of citrus freshness and a touch of addictive seduction finishing.

Top Notes: Rose, Bergamot Lime
Heart Notes: Peppers, Spicy Cinnamon
Base Notes: Musk



Laurel is a limited edition special blend that burst with freshness . This juice citrus freshness will evoke a sense of hope. Whilst using pure rose and jasmine with a touch of muskiness reminds us  to cherish the moment that we have and move forward to embrace a new beginning.  A completion of our circle of life.

Top Notes: Citrus Fruits, Bergamot Lime
Heart Notes: Rose, Jasmine
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Musk



Both fragrance is unique and each portray its own story and emotions. For me, I would prefer ‘Crazy Love’ because I like floral scented perfume that lights up my senses. However, ‘Laurel’ is equally captivating as well. Both fragrance is priced at  EDP (50ml) at RM180 and EDP (100ml) at RM290.

Scent Maker is now available at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC, Parkson Maju Junction and Parkson IOI City Mall. For more information about Scent Maker please visit

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