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Shopping is one of my favourite vice on the weekends and being a vintage fan I’m always on the hunt for bargain items. However in Malaysia, one either have to wait for sales or shops for ages to get a good quality vintage item. There’s hope for us now as Japan’s most established ‘preloved’ store Jalan Jalan Japan is set to open in Malaysia this Friday, 18th November 2016 at One City Sky Park, USJ!

Jalan Jalan Japan is established by Bok Marketing Sdn Bhd and is here to offer Malaysian shoppers’ fantastic savings all year long shopping for quality ‘preloved’ items from Japan. The store named was coined after a popular Malay term ‘going for a walk’ which encourage shoppers to take a stroll for a fun look-see experience in the contemporary store.

Bok Marketing Sdn. Bhd. Management Team

In Japan, ‘preloved’ items are kept in a really good condition and some are fairly new. Why is this a part of their culture? If you’ve been to Japan, you’ll realise that they’ve high income but fairly small homes. Due to the lack of personal storage space, they sell their items to make way for new season items in their homes. Also the Japanese has deep respect for their personal belongings as they believe the world can be a better place if the items they love are loved by others too.

I found a Mickey Mouse cup *woots*

I was one of the lucky few to be invited to a preview at the store last weekend. The moment I walked in the store I felt like a VVIP as the employees welcome us with a friendly Japanese greeting ‘IRASSHAIMASE’ (this means welcome).


There are 2 levels for shoppers to explore and hunt for their items. It’ll definitely take you a couple of hours as there are tons to look at ranging from clothes, bags, shoes, toys and so much more.

This is only 1 part of the women’s wear rack, more to go along the way *shopping heaven*

On Level 1, you’ll find apparels for women and children, toys, household utensils, furniture and even luxury bags at prices ranging from RM3 onwards.

Head up to Level 2 to shop for sports goods, shoes, men’s wear, baby’s items, luggage bags and lots more. Price range from RM5 onwards!

My eyes nearly pop out seeing the unbelievable price tag for a ‘preloved’ Adidas and Marc Jacob Bag. The Adidas bag was worth RM50 and Marc Jacob going at RM100. Both are in superb condition! After a few minutes of deliberation, I went for Marc Jacbos. I also managed to locate a Polo Ralph Lauren handheld bag for RM10! Although it’s slightly faded, it’s still a steal purchase *dancing around with glee*


In Jalan Jalan Japan, one can shop till your heart’s content while listening to soothing Japanese ambient music. Best of all it’s so fun to hunt among the troves and come out finding a rare treasure at a super affordable price! The staff are also friendly and helpful as well. In Jalan Jalan Japan, no matter what’s your budget you’ll definitely get more here!

Found a vintage Burberry Winter Jacket at RM30!

Why should you shop at Jalan Jalan Japan?

  • The preloved items are in good quality. In fact some of them are brand new (spotted a few with price tag still attached to it)
  • Shop for a variety of preloved Japanese goods ranging from clothes, bags, shoes and toys at a fantastic price starting from RM3 onwards!


Jalan Jalan Japan Grand Opening will be happening this Friday, 18th November! You can shop till you drop with the fantastic discounts and vouchers offer on that day! Thanks to Jalan Jalan Japan for offering me the opportunity to shop there last weekend. See ya all at the grand opening day as I’m also going back for more shopping ! For more information, visit Jalan Jalan Japan Facebook Page.

Jalan Jalan Japan
Level 1A, One City Sky Park,
Jalan USJ 25/1B,
47650, Subang Jaya

Operation Hours:
Mon -Sun: 10am – 10pm

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