(Review) Hair Colour Journey With Davines

Davines Main Pic

Every year as CNY approaches, my hair is just the usual black colour. So this year to spice it up, I decided to recoloured my hair to striking flaming red with Davines. The other time when I coloured my hair it wasn’t a permanent color and after 16 washes it’s gone. This time around I’ve decided to take up permanent hair colouring with Davines as I’ve heard that their products are gentle to our scalp. I even brought my sister for a treat together with me. Here’s a throwback on our journey for CNY hair look 😛

This was how our hair look like before, see how lifeless and faded it is? Time for a hair makeover 😀

As we sat at the salon, we were presented with multiple choice of hair colors to choose from. Davines hair coloured range from basic brown, blonde, red, purple and lots more.

I’ve decided on the SUPER RED since the beginning for my ombre look, while my sister opt to fully coloured her hair with purple black color.

Davines selected colors

After selecting our hair colours, the stylist went to the bar and start mixing the colors for us.

Next, it was application time  and I can’t wait to see my results soon 😀

After 45 minutes, it’s time to wash our hair and ta-da this is our final look.

My sister is pleased with her new colour hair and up till now it’s still as purplish black. As for me, I was pleased with the result however I felt that the colour wasn’t striking enough and make another date to have a quick touch up.  On my touch up date,my stylist recommended me to touch it up with Davines Finest Pigments Red/Rosso.

Davines pigment hair colors

Here’s me at the basin applying Davines Finest Pigments Red/Rosso. It looks like I had my head chop off with all the red colour on my hair :P. This procedure takes about 20 minutes.

Application pigment Davines

After 20 minutes has passed, my stylist applied hair mask to make my hair smoother. This is my touch up look for CNY and I’m so loving it! By using, Davines Finest Pigments Red/Rosso my hair colour truly stood out healthily with shiny lustre.


The colour lasted about 2 months before it slowly starts to fade off. Soon, it will be time for another round of colouring and this time perhaps I should try blue :D. Till then, keep you posted on my next hair look trip!


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