(Review) Fun Immersive Culinary Dining at Le Petit Chef, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

I’ve heard so much about Le Petit Chef and was pretty excited to bring my family to experience the immersive culinary dining at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur.

You might be wondering what’s Le Petit Chef and what makes it special. Le Petit Chef takes guests on an extraordinary 90-minute dining experience, this culinary journey promises a multisensory wonderment as you will explore the cultures and food from different regions, through the complements of themed music and exclusive props, all while remaining seated.

A scene from Lesson 3: Childhood Memory

The uniqueness is the groundbreaking visual production which results in a wondrous 3D mapping performance over the dining table. Harmoniously intertwined with an exquisite crafted five-course menu, prepared by rand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur’s culinary masters, led by Executive Chef Gregorz Odolak.

There’s several menu options available which you can book online. For adults, there’s the Le Master Chef (RM598nett per person) and Le Grand Chef (RM468nett per person). While kids (below 12 years old) menu is Le Petit Chef (RM248nett per person). Lastly, a vegetarian option aka Le Grand Vegetarian (RM398nett per person). You can find more details here

Are you excited to find out more about my family’s experience with Le Petit Chef? Scroll down…..

The first thing that greeted us when we walked into the dining space of Le Petit Chef (Level 1, Grand Hyatt KL), was tent cards printed in our names and a menu rolled up beautifully set against a 3D backdrop on the table.

The journey begun with our master of ceremony, who guided us through each of the exquisite  five-course menu for the night. For the adults, we opted for Le Master Chef and kids Le Petit Chef’s menu. Our review will focus on adults menu (Le Master Chef). The dining kick started with a welcome note from the master of ceremony and followed by introduction of Le Petit Chef.

Our Le Petit Chef, visually pop’s up on the table and greeted us warmly and the gorgeous 3D mapping performance  begun.  We watched in awe and listened attentively as the story telling on the origins of Tomato from France, Italy and Spain was truly interesting.

Le Master Chef Menu

Lesson 1: Tomato

In the first course, we had Tomato Terrine (from France) in buffalo mozzarella, black olive soil and presto, sun-dried truss tomato with crushed avocado and basil-infused olive oil Bruschetta (from Italy) and Gazpacho (from Spain); a chilled tomato with watermelon shooter, poached in Lobster Claw. It was an interesting mix of flavor to refresh our palates to prepare us for the next dish.

Lesson 2: Kandinsky Inspired

For second course, we were presented a Malaysian twist on the Art of Painting. The dish was beautifully plated to arouse our appetites. We had seared Hokkaido scallop, OSCIETRA CAVIAR, percik sauce, Squid ink glutinous rice with Pineapple and mango, pomegranate, kerabu, Tropical local leaf “selom” and “pegaga” with Blue butterfly pea aioli and Mint coriander chutney.

The kerabu opened our appetites with its tangy sweetness, Hokkaido scallop was juicy and lastly the squid ink glutinous rice was a delight to chew on. I would say the fun part of this course, is where we’re invited to design and color our food. The kids feared was dirtying up the dining table, but they had reassurance from the master of ceremony that it’s absolutely alright to have fun with their food. Upon hearing that, they went all out with gusto *lols*.

Lesson 3: Childhood Memory

Moving to the next course , we had Chicken Roulade stuffed with truffle and spinach. It comes with roasted thyme butter potato and generous red chard and MOREL MUSHROOM SAUCE.  Love this dish, the chicken was tender and juicy filled with goodness of tasty spinach!

This course was quite poignant as Le Petit Chef shared his first experience of cooking with his grandmother. I would say he was inspired to be a Chef by his grandmother.


On our fourth course, we had oven-baked golden snapper, abalone with asparagus in buttermilk sauce, homemade XO sauce mixed with coriander and red chili. It’s pretty astounding to taste the myriad flavors on our tongue.  The snapper was fresh with crunchy skin texture  and the combination of spiciness & sweetness makes this dish delicious. Abalone was also chewy and remains it’s naturally buttery and saltiness.

By this course, my stomach was really quite full!

LESSON 5: Interactive Dessert

Last course on the menu and its dessert. For this we had varhona (64%) manjari chocolate verrine with accompanied ingredients sides such as early grey jelly, salted cookie crunch, plant based meringue and stingless bee honey.

Noticed it says : Interactive Dessert, it’s another session for us to DIY it. Firstly, lift the hammer to break the chocolate then select ingredients toppings and plate it to your fancy! It was so much fun and I must say the chocolate taste superb!

Our culinary journey ended with a presentation of our certificate graduating from Le Petit Chef. This was really adorable and the kids felt like they won a lottery!

Le Petif Chef is definitely worth the visit. Throughout the night, we had so much fun and was totally mesmerized by the wonderful story telling and amazing 3D visuals. We also took home some inspiring advise from Le Petit Chef ‘even though others doubt you, never give up on your dreams’. Lastly, the master of ceremony did such a great job, making everyone comfortable and interacting with guests from every table.  My kids were big fans and kept asking him to approach our table for Q&A *lols*.

A scene from Lesson 2: Kandinsky Inspired

Check out my video below

For reservations or more information about Le Petit Chef, please visit Le Petit Chef KL or Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

Le Petit Chef
Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur
12, Jalan Pinang, 
50450, Kuala Lumpur
+03 – 2182 1234
Website: Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

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