Affordable Home DIY Improvement Ideas

Affordable Home DIY MP

In big cities such as Subang, home renovation often are expensive, overprice and you may get what you wanted. With such limited budget, might as well do it yourself, here, we provide some tips to improve your newly bought house in Empire Subang to make it your one-of-the-kind home.

Make use of everything

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Can’t afford a fancy coffee table in your living room? You may recycle your old apple or wine crates into a coffee table or storage cabinet, with a little creativity. These may be turned into a bench with a cushion attached to it, you may re-paint or spray your favourite colour to them or leave them as their own to create a vintage look in your home. Additionally, old lamp post or wine bottles may be re-wired to a vintage lamp at your doorstep or bedroom; they will be safer as they will not be lighten up using flames anymore but modern lightbulbs. These are the ideas for those who like a vintage touch in their homes. Hanging pot plants in your vertical space may bring some greenish into your vertical space, you may recycle old flower pots or used tin cans to hold your plants.

Upgraded storage

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A customized store room may be expensive and unaffordable, here, we recommended a wire shelving system. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to install, plus wire system does not collect dust as normal shelves do. All you will need are a level, drill, basic hand tools and a saw to set this up, you may get a kit of wire shelves in home stores if you are not ready to build them entirely yourself. Kits in stores will have fully measured dimension and variations of styles you may choose, however it is recommended to draw a plan yourself prior the installation to avoid any hiccups. A wire pegboard in your kitchen may let you fully utilized your vertical space in the kitchen, you may use it to hand your kitchen utensils such as measuring cups and small pots without stressing-up how to arrange them in a kitchen closet. Plus, you may also install a floating shelve in the kitchen to organise your commonly used utensils such as plates, bowls and cups. For mugs, you may install hooks on the floating shelves to organise them.


Home Decor

You may feel that white walls are dull and think you might need an upgrade but texture painting cost too much. It is not necessary to use texture painting to improve your walls at home, peel-and stick wall panels are now trendy to give your walls an upgrade. These panels have variations of textures you may choose to bring you walls to life such as bricks, wood or even bamboo according to your choice. If you need to change your walls to a different character as time goes by, just simply detach the panel from your walls and apply the new one as you like. These panels can be easily purchased from home stores. Additionally, if you are not a fan of faux brick walls using a panel, you may use a peel-and stick wall paper to add accent to you home. However, if you are still insist on texture painting, you still may do-it-yourself. Before move on to the painting, you will need to decide on the base paint and the colour. Next, you will need to consider the type of texturing medium you need, as you will be mixing them in your paint. You may use sand, sparkling compounds or other medium you like to achieve the look. Texture painting may be achieved using painting techniques too, you may, use dotting, scraping or even using a sponge to achieve your desired wall. For patterns, you may also purchase pattern paint rollers from the store and just simply roll your paint on the wall. If you are not satisfy with the store-purchased roller, you may create a roller yourself by simply cutting a sponge to your desired shape and attach it to an ordinary roller.


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              If you will like to relax in a bathtub after a long day of work, then you might need to consider to give your bathroom an upgrade too. DIY bathroom floor mat made up of wine corks may serve as a soft, non-washing and mold-resistant floor mat. Plus, if you are not into corks, you make recycle your old towels and weave them into a bath mat. Bath mats can be made up of several materials of your choice such as river pebbles, recycled rag or wooden tiles. If you are worried you bath mat may slip, you can add a silicone grip under it by using a hot glue gun. You may also install another shower curtain rod to attach baskets on it to achieve an extra storage system in your bathroom. Plus, a mirror-closet is also a good idea to organised your things and save more space in your bathroom. Additional lighting under the bathroom cabinet can be installed to prevent slip-and-fell while navigating yourself in a dark bathroom. You may access to your bathroom safely without waking your partner or yourself completely with this minor lighting.

What do you think of these ideas? If you’ve got other ideas do share here 😀

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