Australian Fruits Take Flights In Malaysia With ‘Now! In Season’ Campaign!

I love all type of fruits especially those in-season fruits as it’s difficult to purchase it until the seasons come. Now, we can all look forward to more premium quality, healthy and safe Australian produce with the launch of ‘Now!In Season’ campaign.  This campaign aims to promote various Australian fresh fruits and vegetables at their peak quality and availability.

Are you aware the Malaysia imports A$5.3 million (RM71.3 million) of 871 tonnes of Australian fruits in 2015. Over the last few years our quantity of importing Australian Fruits has grown approximately 30% per annum- which demonstrates the high demand Malaysian has for this high quality produce. The ‘Now! In Season’ programs espouses Australia’ quality soil, continual supply of clean water, strict food safety regulations and innovative farm practices. These factors, amongst others are its horticulture industry’s marks of distinction.

During the event, the chef showed us a variety of ways to use the Australian fruits to create delicious meals and desserts.

Throughout the year, the  ‘Now! In Season’ campaign will educate consumers on the seasonality of the commodities, health and nutritional benefits of Australian produce. Below are some general tips on selecting fresh Australian fruits such as peaches, plums, apricots, stonefruit and many more.

Consumers will also  learn how to select and store the seasonal commodities. For example, I learn about the goodness of Cherries at the event.

On top of that, the  ‘Now! In Season’ campaign also give us tips on how to buy, store and prepare the cherries to ensure its fresh and plump for eating 😀

Cherries and summer stone fruits such as plums, nectarines, apricots and peaches are available from now until Marych. Tables grapes will be available from March to May, and citrus fruits such as oranges are available from August to October. For fresh greens, Australian vegetables will be available thoroughout the year.

‘Now! In Season’ campaign is a global campaign by the Victorian State Government, Australian Government and Horticulture Innovation Australia. For more information on ‘Now! In Season’ campaign, please visit their Facebook Page or follow them on Instagram

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