Awakening Cafe By Iggo Dishes Scandinavian Fusion Delights

Awakening Cafe By Iggo

Last year New Year eve, I brought my family out for a celebratory dinner and eat our hearts out at Awakening Cafe by IggoThis brand new cafe has just opened 2 months ago and is located smack right opposite of Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang (further down the same row as Paparich). What makes this cafe interesting is that they served a mixture of Scandinavian Fusion delights that’s bound to get your appetite going.

The décor of Awakening Café by Iggo is simply minimalist playing with light beige colours and featuring wooden furniture pieces. It gives a comfy vibe to their customers. I love the fact the tables are beige in colours which makes it a great to capture food pictures.

Awakening Cafe By Iggo

Before going into our main course, we decided to toss to a good year ahead with Yee Sang prepared by Awakening Café by Iggo.


Awakening Cafe by Iggo
Small: RM18.80 (2-3 pax) / Medium: RM28.80 (4-5 pax) / Large: RM36.80 (6- 7 pax)

In tandem of Chinese New Year, Awakening Cafe by Iggo has prepared a healthy Yee Sang for everyone. The Yee Sang is available from 10th January – 12th February and you may opt to add on smoked duck for RM7 (3 pcs) or RM12 (6 pcs).  The colourful platted Yee Sang features fresh greens and smoked duck that provides a crisp texture to it. Pour in the delish tangy homemade dressing and let’s tossed!


At Awakening Café by Iggo there’s a varieties of drinks available ranging from coffee, non-coffee, teas, ice blended and so forth. That night we ordered the following drinks – Cappuccino, Chai Latte, Green Tea Latte, Chilled milk, Sparkling Yuzu, Signature Chocolate Cubes, Signature Half n Half Iced Shake, and Signature Downunder Iced Chocolate.

So what’s my favourite, definitely the Signature Chocolate Cubes which you’ll need to pour in the chilled milk and watch the cubes melt down to a rich chocolatey flavour.

Awakening Cafe by Iggo
Signature Chocolate Cubes – RM15

Bet, you’re also wondering what the Signature Half n Half Iced Shake is, it’s actually an ice blended coffee with a smoothie like texture. Last but not least is the Signature Downunder Iced Chocolate that’s topped with 2 huge scoop of chocolate ice cream!


We’re in the mood for salads, thus ordered Awakening Café by Iggo speciality Roasted Pumpkin Salad and Scotch Eggs Salad. The Roasted Pumpkin Salad has fresh leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, sweet roasted pumpkin slice, wild mushroom and tossed with sesame-wasabi dressing.  Whilst, the Scotch Eggs Salad features alfalfa, garden green and also sesame wasabi dressing. The uniqueness of this salad lies in its soft boil egg with deep fried crisp skin on the outside. My choice for salad definitely goes to Scotch Eggs Salad 😀


Awakening Cafe By Iggo
Mushroom Soup – RM8

My sons loved the mushroom soup at Awakening Café by Iggo for its finely blended and creamy in texture. Plus the toasted bread on the side is extremely crisp as well.


Awakening Cafe By Iggo
Zesty Squid Ink Aglio Olio – RM20

The al-dente spaghetti topped with fresh Cajun prawns and saute mushrooms certainly got us polishing the entire plate. Squeeze the lemon and you’ll get the perfect mix of tangy and spiciness taste. Definitely a must order item here.

Awakening Cafe By Iggo
Chicken Ham Carbonara – RM16

Who doesn’t loves a plate of al-dente spaghetti covered in creamy carbonara sauce and topped with generous chicken ham slice. Tossed it well together with the poached egg and cheese for a bowl of smackingly good pasta.

Chicken Chop with Buffalo Sauce – RM20

If you loved chicken chop then this is a must order for you. The chicken chop is tender and moist. Dip it together with the hot buffalo sauce will get your palate asking for more. On the side, it’s served with garden greens and hot fries.

Awakening Cafe By Iggo
Pulled Pork Sandwich – RM20 

This sandwich is the bomb! Juicy salsa streaky pork meat sandwich between toasted soft bread is really delicious.  Comes highly recommended!

Classic Red Wine Beef Stew – RM20

Another hot favourite for the night at Awakening Café by Iggo is this rich stew. The herbs fragrance is extremely enticing and the tender beef just melts away in my mouth. It’s served together with mashed potatoes and farmer’s toast.

Awakening Cafe By Iggo
Slow Cooked Pork Stew Risotto – RM20

Al-dente risotto with a slight chewy texture, topped slices of moist pork meat was extremely tantalizing. Add in saute mushroom and roasted vegetable gives an extra punch to this dish.

Red Wine Beef Stew Risotto – RM24

I loved this risotto for not only it’s al-dente and chewy, the red wine sauce elevated the taste of the dish. The beef is also tender as well. It’s served with generous toppings of  saute mushroom and alfalfa.


Awakening Cafe By Iggo

It’s everyone favourite time! We order the top 4 signature desserts from Awakening Café by Iggo

Signature Grandma Tiramisu  has layers of perfectly whipped cream with bits of crumbs for that extra crunchiness. Every scoop is so scrumptious. As for the Mango & Coconut Panna Cotta , it’s soft and sweet with a strong coconut scent. It’s a hot favourite among the kids.

How can one not fall in love with the desserts served at Awakening Cafe by Iggo. Here we’ve tot the Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream and Banana Crumble with Chocolate Ice Cream. Both of these desserts are sweet and tantalising. However, I prefer the Banana Crumble with Chocolate Ice Cream as most café normally does not serve this dessert.

I got to say I did not regret stepping into Awakening Café by Iggo for my dinner that night. In Klang, it’s hard to find a place that dishes out great food that’s affordable as well. Not to mention, you probably can’t find any café that serves really good risotto and stew. If you’re nearby the area, do swing by and check out Awakening Cafe by Iggo for yourself.

p/s: You can even tossed to a great year ahead as they’ve got Yee Sang too!

Awakening Cafe by Iggo
No. 36-0, Lorong Batu Nilam 21A,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2,
41200, Selangor D.E.
+603-3319 9039 
 [email protected]

Operation Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tue-Fri:    12pm – 12am
Sat & Sun:    10am – 12am

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