Beaconhouse Starts The Year With Championing Breakfast for Kids

Yogood Muesli

Everyone knows having breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is especially true for school kids  because they need more energy than us to kick-start the day and stay focused throughout the day.

Being parents, we try our best to provide a nutritious breakfast for our kids so that they can grow up healthily and helps them with concentration and productivity. A breakfast jar containing healthy ingredients such as muesli, fruits and yoghurt will be one of the best choice for them.

Beaconhouse and Yogood

To create awareness on the importance for children to start the day right with a nutritious breakfast, Beaconhouse has teamed up with Yogood Malaysia to held the ‘Build Your Own Breakfast Jar‘.  I attended the event which was held at Beaconhouse Sri Inai International School in Taman SEA, PJ. The hall was filled with squeals of laughter and excited chatter as 60 year six pupils turned into young chefs to take part in the exciting activity.

Yogood Muesli

Not only kids, even the adults was excited too! The school invited a parent to team up with their child to help foster precious bonding moments during the activity. Its an empowering moment for the kids to take ownership of their breakfasts by creating  and eating their breakfast the way they want to. This also helps build the foundation of good eating habits with nutritious ingredients.  In a long run, this saves parents’ time and the child will be more likely to eat a good breakfast if he/she is part of the delicious creation.

A surprised was in store for us, when celebrity guest and hands-on mum Daphne Iking stepped on stage. She led the children in creating their own unique versions of breakfast in a jar using crunchy Muesli from Yogood, yoghurt, fresh fruits and honey.

Yogood Muesli

“Breakfast jars are quick, healthy and delicious and they’re super easy to make no matter how busy your mornings are. If it’s a struggle to get your kids to eat breakfast, this is a fun way to engage them. Kids will have fun making it themselves and eating it out of a jar is a treat on its own,” shared Daphne, a busy working Mom of 3 young children.

Yogood Muesli

Mr. Ali Raza, Regional Director of Beaconhouse Group of Schools said that no matter how difficult, parents must make it a priority for their kids have a nutritious meal before heading to school. “Breakfast is the meal that fuels the beginning of the school day. After a rejuvenating night of sleep, the brain and body need fuel to operate. Studies have shown that kids who eat breakfast perform better academically than kids who don’t. This is our initiative to educate the kids on the importance of good nutrition and what this means,” explained Mr. Ali.

Yogood, the renowned brand that produces healthy food made from wholesome grains, quality nuts and fruits was the main partner advocating good nutrition for children alongside Beaconhouse. Ms. Junita Ee, Brand Manager of Yogood Malaysia said the brand came on board as it sees a great opportunity to create a positive paradigm shift to get more Malaysians to take healthier eating habits starting with breakfast.

Yogood Muesli

“While having breakfast is crucial, what goes into the breakfast is just as important. Whole grains are absorbed by the body more slowly so that you don’t get a blood sugar spike, and they, along with fiber and protein, are more likely to keep your child’s belly feeling happy until snack time or lunch,” said Junita.

Yogood 6

Honestly, I loved my overnight roll oats and have been using  Yogood Muesli to create them. In fact, both of my kids love it as I usually add natural ingredients such as honey and fruits. Sprinkle on top with some nuts to give it that extra crunchiness. It’s great that Beacanhouse introduces the Breakfast in a Jar project in school. Let’s hope more parents will get on board  to fuel their children’s morning with proper nutrition leading to better learning and performance in school.

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