Beautify your lips with Mentholatum’s Water Colour Lip Balm

On days that I feel my lips are chapped, I preferred to apply lip balm with colors rather than the conventional lipstick. For those who feel the same way, check out Mentholatum’s Water Colour Lip Balm! A high shine tinted lip balm that seamlessly marries the vivid hues of a lipstick with the moisturising effect of a lip balm. Whether you’re aiming for a bolder look, a classic look, or a sweet and cute look, this lip balm has you covered.

The Water Colour Lip Balm is your ultimate all-in-1 lip balm which offers moisturization and vivid colour for a more convenient makeup routine. With its sheer natural color, silky-smooth texture, and infusion of 10 plant extracts, the Water Colour Lip Balm is hailed by beauty experts as a makeup game-changer. This all-in-one product is all you need for long-lasting moisturisation while giving you the vivid tinted result that you desire.

You can use it for everyday activities, a working day, a party or dinner, a casual gathering, or an exercise session, the Water Colour Lip Balm effortlessly elevates your outfit. Plus the Water Colour Lip Balm provides (lipstick for color and lip balm for moisturisation) in a convenient tube, you don’t need to carry 2 separate items when you’re travelling. It’s an ideal choice for achieving stylish and comfortable lips during your travels.

The Water Colour Lip Balm now comes in three variants:

  • Super Me (a charming red tint): ushering in a bolder look, this shade is an ally for the nights that demand a dramatic flair.
  • Pamper Me (a sugar coral tint): to epitomising the classic look, it lends a touch of refined elegance to every ensemble.
  • Fancy Me (a sweet pink tint): for your go-to for the sweet and cute look, this hue promises playful, vibrant energy.

So, wait no more and grab your Mentholatum’s Water Colour Lip Balm today from all leading pharmacies and hypermarkets at RM19.90.

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