Beauty & Feast Spa Party @ Herbaline, Puchong


After a tiring day ahead, I was looking forward to attending Herbaline “Beauty and The Feast” Spa Party  held at its latest out in Puchong  (near IOI Boulevard). A special thanks to HerbaLine Facial Spa and Mama Kim Puchong, for inviting me to this event so that I may rejuvenate my tired mind and body.


Herbaline offers a unique and holistic wellness concept based on its Eat Well, Look Well, Live Well” principle. Previously, I enjoyed a weekend staycation at Sojourn Guest House by Herbaline, Pandan Indan  and had first hand experience trying out their spa treatment there. Stepping into the venue, I was  greeted warmly by a team of beautiful brand ambassadors from HerbaLine Global Wellness Group.

Herbaline 8

In Herbaline Puchong, there’s no accommodation provided, however guests can still experience  therapeutic massage and refreshing facial spa and to end the day with a delicious healthy meal at Mama Kim. On top of that, there’s also the ‘Beau Store’ where you can shop for your favourite Herbaline products.


Along the way onto the upper floor for our tour, there’s several aromatic pots filled with lemongrass scent which is known for its relaxing and mind healing properties. Upon inhaling the scent, your mind will automatically be more relaxed.

Lemongrass Aromatheraphy (Refreshing) - Herbaline

Herbaline Puchong is well equipped with amenities such as changing room, tea lounge, facial and spa treatment room. There’s also a fitting room available where guests can get themselves fitted for the right lingerie.

Finishing our tour, it’s now time for my SPA treat. First, I had my foot soak in a tub filled with sea salt to help relax my feet and relieve the soreness. Next, its the Fish SPA, here most of the girls are screaming in laughter as its kinda ticklish when the fish helped to remove the dead skin cells.

Herbaline 7

The next zone was the best of all known as  the Sea Salt Room. It makes me feel like I’m walking on a sandy beach. Check out most of the girls shovelling the sand and having fun sitting in the lazy hair. It’s said that the sea salt provides health benefits for our body.

Last but not least we had a quick rejuvenating experience of  massage around the neck, back, and arms, using the essential oil.

Herbaline 6

It’s time for us to feed our hungry stomach and off we go to Mama Kim for a wholesome healthy meal.  On the menu, we had my usual favourite Signature Sauna Mee in a hearty delicious broth and condiments served in a hot pop.

While having our dinner, Mr. C.K. Low, the Managing Director of HerbaLine Global gave us a brief welcome speech and introduction on the concept of Herbaline & Mama Kim. The evening ended with lucky draws and prize session for best instagram posting.

Mr.CK Low Herbaline 1

I certainly had fun that night with all my babes and my body was feeling more relaxed after the quick spa session.


If you would like to know more about Herbaline, please visit Herbaline’s Official Website or Facebook Page

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