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Best flowers only come from the best florist. It is rated according to the punctuality and the dependability of their delivery service, as well as the quality of flowers and its arrangement. You will agree if I say that the best florist is the one that offers quality services from picking up the flowers until dispatching them to their customers. In Singapore, there is one like this: Little Flower Hut.

So a few days ago, I was just wondering and searching for a good florist to buy flowers in Singapore, and I came to Little Flower Hut. I found the website from their Instagram account when I search using  hashtag #christmasflower. One look at the gorgeous flowers arrangement in their Instagram profile and I fell in love. Without hesitation, I decided to purchase if from them as the wonderfully arranged flowers are definitely worth it!

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Was I satisfied with their services, you betcha!

The website is user friendly and its easy to place my orders. The products displayed there fits my taste. I spent quite a long time choosing which flowers to buy, but finally, I decided to buy a pretty flower of Poinsettia since they said that it is one of the best Christmas flowers to choose. I immediately agree when I look at the red! It reminds me of the red in Santa Clause’s clothes. Not to mentioned, it reminds me all the happy vibes in Christmas as soon as I look at it.

I bought the flower as a Christmas gift, and I am happy that I did it. The flower from Little Flower Hut expressed my “Happy Christmas” so well to my recipient. Even I could feel the amount of love, effort, and dedication from the appearance of the bouquet. Little Flower Hut really did a great job in creating my Christmas flower gift. I’m so grateful for that!

Why? As I know, arranging flowers that beautifully is not easy, it absolutely takes skill and thought. Trust me, finding a florist with a wonderful flower design and good service is difficult, especially when you can find flower delivery Singapore services everywhere. To find and choose the right one is a kind of blessing, and I feel blessed with Little Flower Hut. They nailed my order with a beautiful bouquet, friendly customer service, and timely delivery. I will certainly look for them immediately the other time when I need some beautiful flowers.

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If any of you are looking to order flowers online for friends and relatives in Singapore, perhaps you too can give Little Flower Hut a try 😀 Till then, thanks for reading my blog post!

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