Comic Coffee – A New hipster Café in Bandar Botanic, Klang

I’ve been going around a few cafes at Bandar Botanic and came upon the newly opened Comic Coffee. Started a month ago, by a young entrepreneur with great passion for coffee. He feels that Klang has great potential for hipster cafes with its emerging urban market and thus Comic Coffee was born.


Walking into Comic Coffee, reminds me of the popular US TV series “Friends”.  The concept of cute comical backdrops with laid back neighbourhood atmosphere is warmly reflected in their interior. Matching their philosophy and slogan ‘We Brew Smile’. Even though, it’s newly opened the place was quite packed in the early noon.

So, let me share with you my food journey with Comic Coffee. As usual, I’ll order the drinks first and was recommended to try Mango Smoothies, Caffe Latte, Comic Mocha and Rose Chocolate.

For me, the ‘MUST TRY’ drinks are Rose Chocolate and Mango Smoothies. I loved how they presented the Rose Chocolate with its colourful petals adorning the cup. Comic Coffee is using culinary rose petals which is edible and with every sip of the chocolate, there’s a lingering taste of rose in my mouth. Another favourite would be the Mango Smoothies, finely blended with some Mango fruits in for you to snack on. My niece loves the Comic Mocha with Bears visual as coffee art and was smiling while taking selfies. Check out the glasses and plates which is engraved with their logo Comic Coffee and slogan ‘We Brew Smile’; now that’s branding at its best.

While sipping our drinks, main course was served.

Seafood Aglio – Olio is a ‘MUST TRY’. Served with mussel, squid rings, shrimps with spaghetti toasted in olive oil, garlic & dried chili. Slightly spicy but my son loves it and clean up the entire plate on his own.


Big Breakfast is available the whole day and is served with two slice of bread, pork ham, chicken sausage, pork bacon, scramble egg, baked bean, mix mushroom & hash brown. Quite a big serving portion recommended to share with another pax.

Ham & Pork Bacon Cheese Sandwich is just nice for a light brunch. Last but not least is Ice Cream Waffle with chocolate chips and strawberries with condiments. The waffles are light and fluffy, paired it with ice cream is a perfect combo.

We ended our meal with desserts with cakes New York Cheese and Chocolate Devil. I prefer the New York Cheese as it has zesty lemon layering on top which is really appetizing. Whilst the Chocolate Devil was equally good, I prefer if it was served together with ice cream. Reason being the chocolate is really thick and rich, which after a few mouthfuls might cause a dryness in your mouth.


Truly enjoy my scrumptious meal here and the great news is Comic Coffee does not charged GST.  This is just the place for you to hang out with your friends to relax and enjoyed the day away. So, do come by and give it a try yourself.

Comic Coffee


No.49, Jalan Mahogani 5 Ks/7,

Bandar Botanic, 41200, Klang

Selangor D.E.

Tel: 010-221 7679

Email: [email protected]


Opening Hours: Daily – 12.00pm – 12.00am


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