Crazy Mask Dash @ SaSa Mask Run

Earlier this month, when SaSa announced the reopening of their outlet  in Mid Valley, practically every lady  went ‘ga-ga’ over it! The press ad in the papers and online were shouting  unbelievable promotions for brands such as Suisse Programme, b.liv, Cyber Colours and many more for as low as RM1! The best promotion ever was the gimmicky SaSa ‘Mask Run’ event happening on 2nd & 3rd July. The mechanic is easy, all you need to do is buy a box worth RM50 (about 30xm x 30cm), fill as many mask as possible and make sure the box can be closed.

Sasa Mask Run 7
I was one of those who joined the SaSa ‘Mask Run’ event on 2nd July and was I there early to meet up with my buddies to discuss ‘how to stuff as many mask as possible’ 😛

Sasa Mask Run 8
Me with Bowie, Claudine and Shiv doing the mask dash

We look serene right up till the moment, the emcee announce the event was going to start and he brief us ‘how to go about it’. SaSa has set up a counter with 3 big tubes full of mask and only 2 participants are allowed to enter each time. We’re only given 30 seconds to grab as much as we could and put it in the box and make sure it can be seal!

LOLX...Look at our sceptical expression when during briefing, we heard you can squeeze in more than 60 pcs of mask in 30 secs
LOLX…Look at our sceptical expression when during briefing, we heard ‘you can squeeze in more than 60 pcs of mask in 30 secs’ by the emcee.

Take a look at us grabbing the mask and putting it as nicely as possible into the box 😀

It wasn’t easy mind you, kinda nerve wrecking with adrenaline pumping into our system to go fast. We just blindly grab whatever mask we could and squeeze in into the box.

Sasa Mask Run 3
See the box ain’t that huge ya

After ending my mad dash, we headed over the counter to count our loots and OMG, I can’t believe it. I managed to grab 55 pieces of mask worth RM490++ !! 

Claudine was the best as she walked away with masks worth RM600++ . We had so much fun during the event that day.

Happy group picture with Ms.Lik Wen from SaSa Malaysia

At home, I unboxed and checkout my mask loot (psst…after arranging it properly in the box, I can actually fit in more than 55 pcs 😛 )

Sasa Mask Run 6

Thanks to SaSa for organizing such a fun event, hopefully they will make this an annual event and I’ll definitely purchase more boxes next round. Follow SaSa Malaysia on their  Facebook Page  for more events and promotions update.

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    1. To be honest who would have thought such a small box can fit so much mask. Let’s hope they do this annually and we can grab more mask 😛

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