Domino’s Ssamjeang Pizzas returns for their 25th Anniversary.

If you’re a fan of ‘Korean Wave’ or ‘Hallyu’, I’m sure you’re also entice to try the spiciness of Korean food. With Domino’s celebrating the brand 25th anniversary and in line with the brand’s ethos “It’s All About You”, the much loved and anticipated Ssamjeang Pizza has finally made a comeback after a two-year hiatus.

The return of the limited-time Ssamjeang Pizza promises new and improved product offerings that will not only awaken your taste buds but also gives an intense sense of satisfaction with each bite, making those who dare to stand up to the heat crave for more. Domino’s Ssamjeang Pizza iconic trio comprises the new and improved yet irresistibly spicy Ssamjeang Beef Bulgogi Pizza, Ssamjeang Chicken Pizza and Ssamjeang Tuna Pizza.

These pizza variations will ultimately bring Malaysians on a hot journey to Korea, but the spicy excitement does not stop there – it comes with its perfect side kick Ayam-Haseyo which features the undeniable and irresistible spicy Ssamjeang sauce..

A favourite of many, Ssamjeang Beef Bulgogi Pizza has captivated numerous hearts and taste buds ever since it was introduced. As the spiciest range, it is highly addictive with irresistibly spicy Ssamjeang sauce to satisfy the desire of Malaysians who love spicy food. Every slice is filled with thick and juicy beef slices marinated in bulgogi sauce that is perfectly baked on a fiery bed of Ssamjeang sauce.

The Ssamjeang Chicken Pizza and Ssamjeang Tuna Pizza which is slightly less spicy is coated with creamy onion sauce and paired to perfection with hot Ssamjeang sauce, caters to a different palate of Malaysians.

If spiciness tickles your fancy, the much-loved Domino’s Ayam-Haseyo chicken wings will make you soar in joy. The succulent hot wings are baked to perfection, deliciously coated with the mouth-watering spicy Ssamjeang sauce that you simply can’t resist. Spicy food enthusiasts and chicken lovers will never get enough of these addictive, irresistibly spicy chicken wings – it makes it the perfect side for the hot Ssamjeang Pizza promotion.

Domino’s Pizza will be kicking off “The Ssamjeang Heat Challenge” an on-ground activation starting within the Klang Valley at key selected outlets before heading out to the various different states in Peninsular Malaysia.  Details of this challenge will be posted on Domino’s social media platforms.

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