Dugro® So Much More Enlightens My Motherhood Journey

Being a parent is never easy. Our motherhood journey is filled with much anticipation, excitement and sometimes challenges. From the day my kids were born, we made decisions for them, thinking it was for the best. The number one aspect when it comes to taking care of my kids is nourishment. Nutrition is important for everyone, and especially for children during their childhood because they need all the good nutrients for their growth and development, not just physically but mentally as well. As a mother, I want to make sure my kids get the best of everything so they can grow up and become a healthy adult.

I was watching Dugro® ‘Dear Mom’ TVC recently and it was hard not to think how much effort and time moms have poured out just for their child. And moms will always hope that their child loves them back in return. The TVC shows an unconditional love story between a smart boy and his mother. The boy adores his mother so much because she has been providing for him to ensure that he grows up and be so much more – active, thoughtful, appreciative, imaginative and happy.

I realized that our child can be so much more if we continue to support, encourage, love and nourish them. In other words, just be proud of who they are!

Here’s the Dugro® ‘Dear Mom’ TVC for your viewing pleasure:

Upon seeing this video, I recalled many beautiful moments of my darling boy Kenson. Occasionally my son would come up to me and say “I love you”. Hugs make it even better, and that really touched my heart. My son is starting to mimic words  and I’ve tried many times to teach him to sing a full song which is truly challenging. I always made an effort to sing to him during his bedtime. One day, I was too tired and I told him to sing a song for me instead. To my surprise, he sang the entire ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, followed by a declaration of ‘I Love You Mommy’! It brought tears of joy in my eyes because I was so surprised he could sing an entire song by himself. I praised him to recognise his own effort and success, and that actually helped in boosting his confidence level.  Now, he’s super imaginative and creative with his songs.

Milk and dairy products are important sources of protein and calcium which is essential for my child’s growth and development, especially for my son’s age group. Children needs at least 2 glasses of milk each day. My son drinks 2 glasses a day, one in the morning and the other before heading to bed. He loved both flavours equally but his top favourite would be the chocolate flavoured one.My son is currently drinking Dugro 4, a growing-up milk for 3 to 6 years old. It is formulated with DHA, lcFOS, 15 vitamins and minerals to support a child’s growth and development at every stage.  

I recently brought my son to visit Dugro® Roadshow to have some quality family bonding time together.  My son and I had fun playing interactive games at each of the activity booth. His favourite one was ‘Sliding The Happy Poo’ as he enjoys the colourful graphics while learning the essentials of Dugro’s milk.

The best part was getting a limited-edition customized backpack at the roadshow. We selected his favourite design patches together, to be embroided on the backpack. He even had a personalised message from me, attached inside the backpack *way cool*! And we got his name on the backpack as well! Bet you’re wondering where and how you can get this cool backpack. Scroll down for the information *wink wink*

Dugro® ‘Build a Backpack and So Much More’ roadshow details:

Date: 1st March – 30th April 2017. For roadshow locations, visit here

Redeem backpack: Just purchase any six 900g packs of Dugro® variants during the roadshow and you’ll receive a unique code, in order to redeem a customised backpack for your child (Note: The bags are available in red and green colours)

Optional, you can also redeem it online. How? Visit http://www.dugro.com.my/ . Starting from 1st March to 31st May 2017, just purchase any six 900g packs of Dugro® variants. Upon purchasing and receiving the unique code, the customised backpack will be delivered to you in 4-6 weeks.  *while stocks last

My son enjoying Dugro® a growing up milk brand formulated with so much more DHA*, 15 vitamins & minerals as well as unique lcFOS 😀

So mommies, why not show your love and devotion to your kids with this lovely customized Dugro backpack? It’s perfect for school and this certainly adds a personal touch. 😀

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