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Eat Cake Today

You’ve heard about beauty, fashion and hair trends. How about cake trends? This is an interesting idea as I’ve never attended a Cake Show before. Thanks to ‘Eat Cake Today’ (ECT) for setting a similar platform to showcase popular and future creative trends of a different kind – CAKES & BAKERY ARTS.

There’s only one word to describe the Cake Show by ECT. A mind blowing, mouth-watering series of exciting creations ranging from various cake types, baking arts, chocolate and sugar artistry which mirror the latest and future trends in the confectionery world.

Mr Ang Boon Chow, (B.C Ang) Director & CEO of Eat Cake Today, enthused that Eat Cake Today has always envisioned itself to be a trend-setter in the world of confectionery by carrying a wide range of unique cakes and working with young talented bakers, several of whom have won international awards in this field.

Eat Cake Today

It was a pleasure to meet the three young amazing pastry chefs namely Chef Chong Ko Wai, Chef Lawrence Cheong and Chef Chen May Ling at the event. Each of them presented an amazing demonstration and display of world-class standard in Chocolatier and Sugar Artistry. Chef Chong Ko Wai and Chef Lawrence Cheong have crafted beautiful vintage table and home wares along with some pastries completely from chocolate for the ECT Cake Show.

Here’s a quick introduction on the three talented chefs:

Chef Chong Ko Wai, a silver medal winner in the 2016 Mondial des Arts Sucres, created an artistically detailed sugar and chocolate showpiece with the theme of “Alice in the Wonderland” for his Silver Medal.

Chef Lawrence Cheong, who clinched the 4th place at the 2015 Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie 2015 in Lyon (World Pastry Cup 2015) with his chocolate showpiece along with ice cream cake, he was also awarded “Best Chocolate Showpiece” with the theme “Beauty and the Beast”.

Chef Chen May Ling, bronze medallist in the 2017 FHM Culinaire Malaysia Competition in the Artistic Showpiece category with her chocolate showpiece. She has created a beautiful Sugar Flowers on a wedding cake for ECT Cake Show called Sugar Flower Wedding Cake.

Are you excited to find out what they’ve created for ECT’s Cake Showcase? For their collaboration with ECT, Chefs Chong Ko Wai, Lawrence Cheong and Chen May Ling have come together as part of their R&D consultancy, C3 Lab, to create a range of premium cakes which can only be ordered exclusively from ECT under the brand of C3 Lab.

They were joined by other chefs Edwin Chan and Cindy Chan who together showcased some of the cake trends as below:-

Eat Cake Today

Decadent Jar Desserts – Miniature portion-controlled irresistible sweets and treats made from scratch using premium natural ingredients. Available in 3 different flavours and served adorably in jars! It’s an ideal dessert, pick your favourite from Strawberry Yoghurt Mousse, Orange Vanilla Mousse, Peanut Mousse with Vanilla Sponge and etc.

Eat Cake Today

Boba Lava Cake – If you’re dreaming about this boba milk tea cake for quite some time, here you can find the most insane boba creation cake. Soft and fluffy milk tea-flavoured chiffon cake with boba pearls scattered across the top of the milk tea or hidden within the cake, a Boomerang-worthy fountain of boba!

Eat Cake Today

Gems of the Blue Cake 10” – The geode cake trend is taking over the internet now! This scrumptious and gorgeous geode inspired cake portrays the jagged texture of the sugar as crystal perfectly. It is also decorated with handmade sugar flowers which are ideal for any corporate event and wedding ceremony. The cake base comes in 2 flavours you can choose from Belgian Chocolate and vanilla butter. For cake base, you may also opt for real or dummy cake for different tiers.

Eat Cake Today

Macarons Fault Line Cake  – It looks like the cake is fractured by adding metallic touch and macarons in the midsection of the cake! It has salted caramel chocolate as a cake base, which will be covered in vanilla buttercream and a gold acrylic birthday topper!

Eat Cake Today

Gravitiminion Cake 10” – Throw your party in a whole new direction with an extraordinary cake – Topsy Turvy Cake, a cake that consists of multiple layers and each layer is skewed and slanted in a wacky yet calculated manner. If you are looking for something unique, this minions inspired topsy turvy cake is fun and ideal for wacky birthdays or special occasions.

                            Eat Cake Today

Projection Mapping Cake – The latest obsession to hit is taking the cake to a whole new level. A great way to enhance your cake into a truly magical centrepiece is projection mapping technology applied to the box-tier cake. This impressive lighting and projection technique turns the cake into a unique, modern age work of art and breathtakingly live! You can customize your wording and animation graphic design that refresh to your personal style.

Honestly, I was salivating from the start till the end of the show. It was awesome that I can get to try so many cakes in a day. Truly a wondrous sugar high journey *lolx*

Besides being the pioneer in cake-ordering and delivery portal which offers trendy, unique and custom-made cakes, ECT is moving forward to offer more well-rounded services in the world of confectionery with their new series of workshops and cake courses.  And for the first time, in collaboration with the 3 pastry chefs at C3 Lab (Chefs Chong Ko Wai, Lawrence Cheong and Chen May Ling), ECT is offering private Chocolate and Sugar Showpiece Masterclasses, and Sugar Flower classes to share their know-how and love for chocolate and sugar artistry with like-minded baking enthusiasts.

If you would like more information or interested to join the classes, click on or call tel: 017-8800153.

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