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Due to covid-19 outbreak, many parents or students are looking for private home or online tutors in Malaysia (especially in large cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang & Johor Bahru) . More than three months of schools and learning centre closure result in many students slow down in their academic progress. Many parents wish to know how can they find the right and qualified online or home tutors for their children. The following points outline the ways to source for private home tutors in Malaysia:

Through Google Search

One of the most popular home or online tuition providers is My Quality Tutor Malaysia. The website, My Quality Tutor has a database of more than 10,000 qualified and experienced tutors across Malaysia. The tuition coordinator will match the home tutors for the students, usually it is free-of-charge. Parents or students will first submit their home tuition requests on their website, which will then be received by the tuition provider. Following that, suitable and qualified tutors’ profiles will be sent to the parents or students for selection. Then, parents or students can pick their private home tutors based on the experience and qualifications in the subjects. Usually, experienced private tutor in Malaysia would be able to teach syllabus such as UPSR, PT3, SPM, IGCSE, IB & A-level and subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, higher level Mathematics and so on. The website also shares free learning resources via telegram My Quality Tutor Parents for the benefits of all students.

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School teachers, neighbors, friends’ parents are great sources of finding the right tutors. In Malaysia, usually in international or government schools, parents will have their whatsapp groups or facebook groups to discuss anything about educational information. By using these groups, parents or students would be able to find top and experienced tutors in the subject that they want.

After parents have picked the private tutors, the next step is to be prepared. Students could first prepare the topics that they have problems with and send them to home tutors from My Quality Tutor before the private tuition class begins. For instance, let’s say if student is doing his Biology assignment, then student can notify the private tutor about the topic in advance. First class is usually the trial class, after the first lesson, if student enjoys the private tutors’ lesson, then he or she may continue, else a change of tutor is also possible with the tuition provider.

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In conclusion, finding online or home tuition with My Quality Tutor Malaysia is easy and efficient as their platform has a pool of qualified and experienced tutors across Malaysia. By having tuition consistently at the comfort of their house, students are expected to learn, grow and score well.

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4 thoughts on “Find online or home tutors with My Quality Tutor Malaysia

  1. I think this is a great idea! To my understanding, this platform has teachers tutor and help students who struggle with their homework implying needing help in that said subject. I never had a tutor but I sure wished I had a tutor that could’ve helped me with my homework. I would have completed my homework while being taught of it. Sometimes, students are afraid to ask their teachers in school because some are just mean… this would’ve solve the issue T.T

  2. Hey! I’ve left a comment the other day but I can’t seem to find it here. Regardless, I truly believe this is a great opportunity for children and parents everywhere. Having a tutor to aid your child in their homework and teach them the necessary is amazing but now you can do it online too <3 This covid-19 is proving educators to be resilient 🙂

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