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Have you ever wondered why babies skin are super soft to touch?  or What if we can recreate the baby-soft skin for ourselves? Today, I’m sharing with you the latest US beauty phenomenon ‘Ceramiracle’- the First Light series; which contains First Light The Essence and First Light The Serum. 

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Just a few drops on your fingertips, warm it up by rubbing your palms together before applying onto face and neck

Created and Founded by Eugene He, a Singapore based skincare enthusiast, he  makes it a point to discover the possibility of regaining baby-soft skin for all skin types.  Learning  about the naturally-occurring vernix caseosa that protects babies in their womb, Eugene attempts to recreate the essence of the vernix in a serum.  Hence, First Light The Serum is born with the perfect formula to mimic the benefits of the vernix. The serum contains 95% active ingredients and 99% natural ingredients and boasts the return of baby-like radiance and hydration to the skin!

There are so many ways to use the serum. You can use it to tame the eyebrow, faster eyelash growth, neck lift, split ends and many more. I tried the serum and it has a thick, wax-like substance. You will feel that your skin is enveloped by a protective layer.  psst…it a great skin primer too *wink*

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Pour a few drops and gently pat onto face and neck.

The serum is pair with another product in the same range:  First Light The Essence. Formulated with Ceramiracle’s BFE Complex (BioFerment Essence) – a saccharomyces fermented trinity of organic Korean rice water, mugwort, and ginseng.  The ingredients are rich in vitamins and minerals and improve one’s skin complexion. It also helps to slow down the aging process, firm, and hydrate the skin while rectifying skin blemishes.

In conjunction with International Beauty Day, First Light range of products was launched over a cup of tea at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur.  Founder Eugene, shared about his idea of “prejudice-free beauty” and how vegan cruelty-free products were created to help all skin types and ages.


He shared, “Many in the world continue to be swept up by superficial and fleeting beauty, but as a brand and as its founder, we stand by the belief to make beauty ageless.” Another topic discussed was about the importance of inner beauty.


Here, Malaysia’s sweetheart and TV personality, Aishah Sinclair shared, “Society today has conjured up a definition of beauty that is so far-fetched and unattainable to the point where it has led many impressionable young people to believe that that is all there is. However, I believe that what makes a person beautiful is not just what’s on the surface, but what’s underneath.” I certainly agree to that statement.

It was certainly a fun afternoon exploring this amazing range.  By the way, they’ve also got a beauty cafe located at 6 Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, TTDI.  If you’re around the area, feel free to check it out 😀

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