Fitness and Dance Videos to Work out at Home

With  COVID-19  spreading across the globe, many of us who heads to gym have to temporarily put it on hold. I’ve been a member of Fitness First   Malaysia for more than a decade. The only time, I put my gym on hold was when I was pregnant. As most of you are aware, gym has the highest risk for COVID-19 to spread as such had to make a tough decision to freeze my membership.

Me at the gym….

Not going to the gym is not the end of the world. All you need to do is to create your own fitness routine and follow thru. For me, I would opt to exercise outdoors while inhaling some much needed fresh air. However, knowing that sometime my working hours are a tad too long, I took up to looking for fitness and dance videos to work out at home *wink*

Here are some of my favourite video *wish me luck that I can follow thru*

Get that abs with Chloe Ting…

Booty Alert with Chloe Ting…

Get Fit with Intense HITT by Emi Wong 

If you love dancing like me, then  you might fall in love with my choice of video:

Moving to latest pop songs by The Fitness Marshall

Oh yeah….Zumba with Sunny Fitness 

For Yoga or stretching…try Coffee林芊妤

There you go here are some of the videos I’m thinking to doing at home, whilst waiting for the day I can go back to gym.

Do you have any fitness video to recommend? If yes, do feel free to share at the comment section *wink*

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