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Amidst the lockdown period, most of us have turned into semi-chefs planning meals for the entire family. I totally need a break from this and thus decided to order takeaway Chinese Cuisine from Sofilicious by Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara. This is Sofitel new food delivery service with its very own food ordering and delivery. 

There’s more than 150 affordable food and beverage items in the range of a la carte, family meals and combo sets: from soups to appetisers, main course, desserts, whole cakes, pastries, and beverages.  You can  expect a wide range of cuisines from authentic Asian to essential Chinese and Western flavours.

I selected the Chinese Set Family Platter which consist of a soup, 3 mains and desserts. You can select your mains  as there’s more than 1 option available. Excited to find out more, continue scrolling…

Herbal Clear Chicken Soup

A bowl of this hearty soup to warm up my tummy. Taste of herbs are not overpowering and its simply nourishing.

Seafood Fried Rice with XO Sauce

Gorgeous fully fried rice (which Uncle Roger will definitely approve), each bite was a pleasure. Generous ingredients with seafood such as prawns and squids, throw and mix in with that tinge of XO sauce spiciness is perfect. My kids polish two bowls of it! If rice is not your thing, you can opt for Wok fried noodles with shrimps.

Cherry Wood Roasted Duck

The glistening roasted duck just beckons to be eaten. Dip it with some plum sauce and feels the flavours burst in your mouth. Other options available is sweet and sour chicken, buttered prawns or black pepper beef.

Braised tofu with vegetables and mushroom

Fresh greens dished up in creamy sauce is definitely a favourite of mine. Filled to brim with healthy broccolis, carrots, sweet peas and mushrooms, it goes really well with the soft braised tofu. You can opt to switch to Wok Fried Hong Kong Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce.

Longan with White Fungus Gourd

Nothing taste better than having sweet and tasty chill longan after a meal. Top it with the white fungus gourd to nourish our body. Simply divine!

The platter also comes with condiments such as  pickled chili, chili sauce, soy sauce and pickled pumpkin. It was definitely  good meal for the entire family. As Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara is a certified Accor ALLSAFE hotel where standard operating procedures of Covid-19 is always maintained.  This apply even for food preparation and handling right through to its delivery with clean, safe, and hygienic practices.

Sofilicious is available daily from 8am to 8pm during Full Movement Control Order and will readjust its operational time according to the government’s protocol.

Place your order for Sofilicious flavours to your home or office  at

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