Fresh Luscious Cherries and Summer Fruits From Australia!

Taste Australia MP

Finally, one of the best fruit season is back in town! It’s the Australian Cherry and Summer Fruits and we can look forward to fresh, juicy and delicious cherries, peaches, apricots, nectarines and plums stocked up on supermarket shelves!

Taste Australia

I had the privileged to be invited to the launch of Taste Australia campaign which was held at Tesco Kepong Village Mall. This national horticulture marketing campaign is coordinated by the State Government of Victoria (Australia) in collaboration with Austrade and Hort Innovation Australia on behalf of the cherry and summer fruit industries.

Taste Australia

I’m pretty sure most of you are aware that Australia has a solid reputation for its high-quality produce, with rigorous food safety measures throughout the supply chain. Believe me, it’s true! I was once a student studying in Perth, Australia and the produce especially Australian Cherry and Summer Fruits are simply the best! Fresh, and juicy this seasonal commodities are definitely a must have.

Taste Australia

Apart from cherries, some of my favourite summer stone fruits includes – peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots. In fact, these fruits are also a great base for making smoothie bowl, summer popsicles and smoothies to be served alongside pancakes, yoghurts and in salads too!

Taste Australia 5
Making my own smoothie bowl

At ‘Taste Australia’ event, we had the opportunity to learn a trick or two from Marissa Parry, Nutritionist and Health advocate. She demonstrated three refreshing recipes using the seasonal fruits – Breakfast Summer Smoothie Bowl, Fresh fruit popsicles and Fresh Summer Salad. The gorgeous explosion of colours was a feast to the eyes and the dishes were a feast to the senses.

Taste Australia 5
Marissa Parry, Nutritionist and Health advocate demonstrating 3 yummy recipes

Have anyone ever wondered what’s the nutritional value of these luscious fruits? For example, cherries and stone fruits are not just tasty but also rich in vitamins and potassium while being low in fat, calories and sugar. Whilst nectarines are known as the food of the gods. Peaches which contain a high amount of potassium are great for muscle function and is believed to make skin healthier while offering vision-supporting nutrients. Apricots support a healthy heart and eye function while aiding in digestion. Plums contain antioxidants which can fight off free radicals and protect the skin. Last but not least, cherries are consider a superfood on its own.

These fruits are perfect to be served to guests during Chinese New Year and a basket of Australian Cherries and Summer fruits would make a delightful gift as well! During the festive season fruits are given as gifts, their round shape and colour are said to symbolize prosperity and bring the recipient good fortune throughout the year. Fresh fruits at the New Year symbolizes life and a new beginning. For instance, both in China and Japan the peach is associated with immortality and a long life.

Taste Australia 5

If you’re eager to get your hands on these seasonal summer fruits, check out the special promotions offered at all Tesco outlets. Apart from that, Australian cherries and summer fruits will also be available at leading supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout the season. I bet my family and friends will be surprised with my selection of fruits this year 😀

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