Fun Cooking Workshop With McCormick and Chefology

Chefology and McCormick Cooking

With Christmas and New Year fast approaching, I was beginning to feel panicky thinking what type of dish I should prepare. I’m not the best of cook thus I need to learn something fast. Well, I got lucky as I was invited to an exclusive ‘Blogger Meet and Greet’ session with Chefology and McCormick. The event was held at The Cooking House, Bangsar which is well known for hosting cooking events. Well, are you ready to ‘Spice Up Your Kitchen’ with me, let’s go!

Chefology and McCormick Cooking

At the event, we learned all we could from Chef Collin Edward Lim from The Cooking House. He demonstrated two delicious recipes namely Cheesy Black Peeper Chicken Salad and Basil Crepes with Caramelised Banana using the latest Chefology Nature cookware. For authentic flavours, we will be using McCormick herbs and spices for the day. Now, this two delicious recipes have been created using McCormick herbs and spices to showcase the quality and versatility of McCormick products that are distributed in Malaysia by GBA Corporation Sdn Bhd.

Chefology and McCormick Cooking

We were introduced to their newly launched McCormick Sea Salt Grinder and McCormick Black Peppercorn Grinder. The product is amazing as it has adjustable grinders equipped with three different grind settings: fine, medium and coarse. In just a simple movement of the dial, we can personalize the coarseness of the salt and pepper to suit our own taste. Are you aware that McCormick Sea Salt Grinder is harvested from French Mediterranean Sea? Thus, it has a higher concentration of minerals which is really better for our health.

We use McCormick Sea Salt Grinder and McCormick Black Peppercorn Grinder to prepare Cheesy Black Peeper Chicken Salad. I just loved the warm and pungent flavour of the freshly ground pepper from McCormick Black Peppercorn Grinder. Another unique point of the grinder series is that the herbs and spices are kept fresh at all time due to the tight sealing in the grinder.

Chefology and McCormick Cooking

Apart from this two products, we also use McCormick Grill Mates BBQ Sauce. It adds an authentic American BBQ flavour to the dish for the product is incorporated with McCormick spice rub that makes the sauce thick and flavourful. You can opt from this three mouth-watering flavours such as Vintage Smokehouse, Brown Sugar and Chilli Pepper. For today, we’re using Vintage Smokehouse – a delicious smoky hickory layered with premium spices such as chilli pepper and paprika.

What did we use to cook the dishes? Well, it’s none other than trying out the newest addition from Oasis Swiss Sdn Bhd’s Chefology cookware range, the Chefology Nature Series Comprising of five cookware, the pans and pots are designed for comfort cooking in the kitchen.

Chefology and McCormick Cooking
Comes with a heat holder clip too!

Looking at the pan, you might think its heavy but let me share with you that it’s pretty light! The ergonomic structure of Chefology Nature cookware is made of die-cast aluminium with a six layer coating that ensure a safer cooking experience. It boasts a highly durable marble ceramic coating features too.

One got to see to believe how highly durable this cookware is. During Chef Collin demonstration cooking Basil Crepes with Caramelised Banana, all of us know how caramel can easily burn and stick on the pan. However, thanks to Chefology Nature cookware it came out perfect. This is all because of the long-lasting non-stick performance. This durable, scratch resistant marble non-stick coating pan is definitely one of the best I’ve seen in the market.

The Chefology Nature cookware is induction friendly as well.

Chefology Nature cookware is made with highly durable lava stone and works on all types of stoves. Simply amazing! Another worth mentioning factor is the cookware multiple layers of coating help to distribute heat evenly to enable easy cooking without hot spots. Imagine you can use this to reheat and cook your dishes in the oven too! Did I mentioned its dishwasher safe as well? Got to say this might just be the perfect energy-efficient cookware in your kitchen.

After watching Chef Collin in action, it’s time for us to replicate the dishes. Each team has 3 members and my crew consist of Rane Chin and Ivy Kam. Using Chefology Nature cookware combine with ready to use spices from McCormick, it was simply breezy to prepare the dishes (even under duress)!

Ta-da…here’s our beautifully replicated dishes and it taste pretty good. Although, we didn’t win the cooking competition, we still had tons of fun. It was truly a fun and creative event.

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By the way, I will be sharing my very own creative recipe using Chefology and McCormick soon , so do keep a lookout for my next blog post. Till then, thanks for reading 😀

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