Get Pinkish Glowing Complexion with Pink by Pure Beauty

Who doesn’t want to have glowing complexion just like those Korean beautiful actresses, now we can achieve it with PINK by Pure beauty. Watsons Malaysia is proud to present PINK which is formulated with PhyotCellTec Alps Rose, Pink Flower Capsule and active natural whitening ingredients. With this unique ingredients, PINK will help to brighten our skin and provides perfect hydration balance resulting in a glowing pinkish fairer skin.

Pink Pure Beauty -Watsons
Beautiful setting at Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe

I was there at the hi-tea reception held at Hello Kitty Gourmet Café to explore the product as well as learning K-beauty make up tips from makeup maestro Stevensunny. Let’s take a sneak peek into the four fantastic products from PINK by Pure Beauty Range starting from pre make up skin care regime.

Full Range - pink - Watosns
PINK products and CC cream by Pure Beauty for make up demonstration

The first step is the so fresh Essence Water which contains ingredients such as Gigawhite, Oligo-HA and Pink Flower complex that enhances our skin’s radiance and brightness. Just soak a few cotton pads with Essence Water and leave it on areas that needs special care i.e. eyes or nose and within 10 minutes you’ll feel totally refreshed.  In fact, Stevensunny recommends this as a hydration mist during the hot humid days. I try it and loved the refreshing cooling scent.

Pink Pure Beauty Range - Watsons
PINK’s product range (from left) : so fresh Essence Water (150ml) – RM39.90, so glow Essence (30ml) – RM49.90, so smooth Pudding Cream (50ml) – RM39.90 and so Blur Cream (50ml) – RM42.90

Next, followed by applying so glow Essence that contains Vitamin B3, Gigawhite, Oligo-HA and soothing Bulgarian Rose Water that keeps our skin hydrated and dewy. Just apply with gentle tapping motion so that our skin will fully absorbed the essence.

Fellow blogger Fish testing so smooth Pudding Cream
Fellow blogger Fish testing so smooth Pudding Cream

Followed suit with so smooth Pudding Cream which contains the unique antioxidant ingredient PhytoCellTec Alp Rose. This moisturizer will soften and moisturize dehydrated skin, enhance complexion for a healthy pinkish glow. Stevensunny give us an extra tip on this product, it can be used as a massage cream. Just apply onto our neck and gentle massage with light gentle strokes and voila our neck looks so much smoother. I loved the smooth texture and it absorb really fast leaving my skin feeling hydrated.

Steven Sunny Makeup Demo - Watons
Stevensunny demonstrating massage technique on Elana Khong

Finishing the skincare regime, Stevensunny proceeded to demonstrate a K-beauty look using the so Blur Cream and CC Cream by Pure Beauty. To achieve natural and glowing look, he advises us to mix two different tones of CC Cream by Pure Beauty i.e. the ivory and natural colour. After the CC cream, apply so Blur Cream which will smoothen and refine pores. This cream works like a serum plus CC – it disguises flaws and provides long term incredible skin care benefits.  With active ingredients such as Actiwhite, Pink Flower Complex and Bulgarian Rose Water our skin will appear poreless, moist and translucent instantly.

The event ended with the best dressed blogger in PINK awarded with RM100 worth of CRM points into her Watsons VIP card.

watsons Pink 26-11-15 0293
Congratulations to Bowie Cheong for winning Best Dressed!

Pink by Pure Beauty product range is now available at all leading Watsons store nationwide, so hurry to check it out today. For more information, visit Watsons Facebook or Watsons Malaysia Website

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