GoodMorning Global launches ‘WonderMeat’, Malaysia’s First Dry Mix Complete Nutrition Plant-Based Meat

I’m pretty sure most of you have been tasted plant-based meat before in the forms of patties and nuggets. However, have you heard about Dry Mix Plant-Based Meat. Now, local food tech company, GoodMorning Global Group Holdings Berhad has officially launched the country’s first dry mix complete nutrition plant-based meat (PBM), that the company expects will serve the growing global demand for plant-based food alternatives. The food product, which comes in powder form and named ‘WonderMeat’, is already making significant achievements, as seen by its induction into the Malaysian Book of Records.

Kluang Member of Parliament Wong Shu Qi, who was the guest of honour at the launch ceremony held at the Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur, commended GoodMorning Global for their excellent achievement in the field of food biotechnology.

She added, “I am confident that Malaysia’s alternative protein products like WonderMeat, will be able to make headways in the global market and compete strongly with the more established brands, while inspiring the further development of sustainable food solutions.”

“We firmly believe that food technology holds unlimited potential, paving the way for a healthier and more fulfilling life. Thus, Wondermeat isn’t merely a food product; it’s a leap towards a sustainable future,” said GoodMorning Global Group’s executive chairman and founder, Dato’ Dr Lim Sin Boon. He added, “Our commitment to wellness has led to the creation of a delicious, affordable culinary experience that provides sufficient and balanced nutrition plant-based protein for our daily needs!”

WonderMeat, a plant-based meat is developed to replicate the taste and texture of animal meat, not only giving vegetarians and vegans broader options in food choices, but also a revolution that will fundamentally change the way people perceive meat by transforming the meat industry into a plant-based one, thereby reducing the dependency on animal protein to achieve food security and climate goals.

At the event launching, I tried and tasted ‘WonderMeat’ and I’ve got to say it taste great. On top of that, I also get to find out more about other products such as GSure, Pea Protein and many more. GoodMorning also took the opportunity to share their upcoming Rahmah Packages with discounts up to 30% or more!

With streamlined transportation, extended shelf life, reduced cost and carbon footprint, the powdered WonderMeat transform the food industry for sustainability. Offering authentic meat texture, convenience and affordability, it marks a new era in culinary innovation. Primarily composed of soya and pea, it is rich in dietary fibre and protein. WonderMeat is also fortified with CaHMB, and 28 types of vitamins and minerals ensuring complete nutrition in every serving.

Come and give ‘WonderMeat’ a try today! I bet you’ll enjoy it.

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