The Grand Finale Of Jolin PLAY World Tour 2016 in Malaysia!

Jolin PLAY World Tour

It ain’t everyday one gets a call to attend a music concert and when I received a call from IMC Live Group, the concert organizer for Jolin Tsai 2016 PLAY World Tour Malaysia, I can’t believe how lucky I was as this is the final leg of her PLAY World Tour 2016.

Jolin Play World Tour 7
Thanks IMC Live Group for extending the ticket to me

I’ve never been to her concert before but heard from her loyal fans that her concert is one of the best in town.  Although it was pouring that day,  loyal fans are willing to brave thru it and dance together with their idol.

Jolin Play World Tour 2

The minute Jolin stepped onto the stage, the stadium was transformed into a sea of pinkiness as the crowd turn on their lighted pink ‘PLAY’ glow sticks.  As the crowd gets excited, Jolin appeared on the stage adorned in a magnificent Medusa-inspired headpiece and kick started the concert with her latest hit single Medusa.

Jolin Play World Tour

During the concert, Jolin slipped and fell on the stage (due to heavy rain the floors was really slippery). However, she quickly pick herself up and with a smile continue to dance away. The crowd was ever loyal and cheer her on. Another commendable point in the concert is her outfit. One can’t help but to notice and admire her choice of outfit which range from mythical to romantic to playful outlook. Each is perfectly catered to match the scene set on the stage.

Jolin Play World Tour

To be honest, I only turned into a Jolin fan when I was introduced to her song by my high school friend. From then, I started following her and honestly I admired her for her hard work and perseverance in the entertainment industry. It’s not easy to stay on the top and one can see the effort she takes at it. During the concert, she perform most of her classic songs such as  The Third Person & I, Mr.Q, 天空 and lots more.  The crowd was singing along with her every step of the way.
Jolin Play World Tour 4
There’s no guest artist for her concert but Jolin did surprise us with an amazing love song 小情歌 originally sung by 苏打绿.  Apart from that, she proves her vocal poweress by performing a quick opera stint to the amazement of the crowd. With all her energetic dancing and prancing on the stage, her vocal was still in top form!
Jolin Play World Tour 5
Nearing to the end of her concert, she thanked her fans for their support and guess what, two lucky fans was invited on stage to dance and sing along with her.  Following suit, she thanks her amazing organizer, dance team (who is choreograph by legendary duo Travis Payne and Stacey Walker), musicians and backup singers.
Jolin Play World Tour 8
One of the most lighthearted moments was when she was chatting with the crowd and also doing a wefie using a selfie stick. Overall, this concert was a superb showcase of her performance with energetic dance move coupled with great vocals.  No wonder she’s known as the ‘Dancing Queen’. I certainly look forward to catching her concert again in the near future!
Jolin Play World Tour
Together with Fish & Joyce at the concert
Jolin Tsai’s concert in Malaysia is also supported by Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), an agency under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture MalaysiaFor more information on the upcoming concerts, visit IMC Live Group Facebook Page.

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