GSC x GXBank Popcorn Run happening on 10 December 2023!

Bring your family and join the GSC x GXBank Popcorn Run!

It’s that time of the year again with the return of 4th edition of the GSC Popcorn Run 2023, this time around in collaboration with GXBank and in conjunction with the highly anticipated release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Set to take place in Putrajaya, the GSC x GXBank Popcorn Run 2023 has something for everyone, for those starting their running journey or who want to spend the morning with your little ones, the 5km fun run is for you. For those looking to achieve your year-end goals with a personal best timing, there’s the 10km and newly introduced 21km category.

Look forward to a fun-filled day at the GSC x GXBank Popcorn Run 2023, inspired by elements of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, with activities to enjoy pre, during and post run!

Super Sonic Speed Zone

Think you’re fast? Think again! With an affinity for water coupled with enhanced strength, Aquaman glides through water at a speedy 150 mph. Designed to mimic Aquaman’s speed and agility, the Super Sonic Speed Zone is complete with elements of wind and through wet conditions, giving participants a chance to experience speed as Aquaman does.

Channel your inner Aquaman and put your endurance to the test

In and out of water, Aquaman embodies superhuman strength with his Atlantean powers. Here’s your chance to embrace your own endurance, power up and make your way through the ‘King of Atlantis’ obstacle course.

Dive into the Atlantis Water Tunnel

Inspired by Aquaman’s powerful weapon of choice, the ‘Trident of Poseidon’ brings you right to Atlantis, featuring a water tunnel to keep you refreshed during the course of the run!

Fuel up with Atlantean’s Feast

The GSC x GXBank Popcorn Run won’t be complete without unlimited popcorn to fuel up! Get your fix and remember to hydrate yourselves at Atlantean’s Feast.

That’s not all the excitement on course, there’s also a chance to meet the King of the Seven Seas cosplayers, Aquaman at an immersive photo opportunity area. How’s that for motivation to cross the finish line?

All runners will be entitled to a GSC x GXBank Popcorn Run goodie bag with exclusive Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom finisher medal and event tee. More than that, all participants will be entitled to enjoy an Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom movie ticket.  21km runners are in for an extra treat – those who complete the course within cut-off time will be entitled to an exclusive finishers tee.

Plus factor, the run it’s a great opportunity for family bonding. You get to spend time outdoors and enjoy the fun activities available. This is also a good method to encourage the kids to embrace a healthier lifestyle by exercising. Fun runs and brisk walks are the best way to kick start.

The last day for sign-ups for the GSC Popcorn Run is 19 November, use my promo code *CarolGSC10* to enjoy RM10 off any category; visit this link for more information and to sign up!

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