Happy Family Day With IJM LAND’s Designer Award 2016


Today was a fun day for my family as we head off  to IJM LAND’s Bandar Rimbayu to join the Happy Family Day at The Arc, Bandar Rimbayu. Furthermore, my husband an enthusiast of interior design (as he’s also an architect) was eager to check out the IJM LAND Designer Award 2016 that is presented at the Penduline showrooms in Bandar Rimbayu as well.

Arriving at Bandar Rimbayu, I was astounded with the lush greenery and eco-friendly theme surrounding the area. Whilst, outside the gallery foyer, fun activities was set up such such as the ever popular zorb-ball  where children was heard squealing with laughter chasing one another in the water.

IJM 21

The crowd was also building at the 5D theatre as it only allows entry for 6 person at a time. Once inside, you’ll be given a 3D spectacles and strap into the hydraulic chairs . Enjoy a fun cinematic experience (about 5 mins) as you’ll feel every movement and sound. The 5D theatre uses  hydraulic chairs and other special effects to give you a realistic feel.

IJM 19

I noticed the kids asking balloons from the balloon clown and quickly bring my son to redeem one as well. Seeing him running around with his green sword balloon is such a joy.

Parents fear not, the Happy Family Day also has activities for us as well. Take a walk in the flea market to purchase unique hand craft accessories, organic soaps, apparels and food & beverages. You’ll never know what you might end up buying.

Now, the fun doesn’t ends here as IJM Land has also set up a massage area for the us to enjoy. You can opt for either a neck & shoulders or a foot massage performed by blind masseurs.  I went for the neck & shoulders massage and boy it helped to relieve my tensed muscle knots. Even my maid took the opportunity for a massage session with my son guarding in presence 😛

Inside, I spotted a kiddy zone area and both of my sons can barely contain their excitement. After placing them there in the care of my maid, me and my husband headed to the Penduline showrooms to check out the IJM LAND Designer Award 2016. This is the first year IJM Land held this contest that aims to nurture young talent. The designing theme was  “Reliving Nostalgic Memories”  and more than 100 young interior designers took part in this challenge.  After a tough decision, the 7 -panel of judges selected the top 2 finalist which is Goh Sow Yee and Leo Wong Kwan Theng.

IJM (12)
Approaching Penduline Showroom to check out finalist Goh Sow Yee and Leo Wong Kwan Theng design for iLDA 2016. 

Both finalist are given the opportunity to furnish the showrooms in Bandar Rimbayu with an allocated budget of RM150,000 each , provided by Platinum Sponsors Signature Kitchen Sdn Bhd and Urban Culture by Fella Group as well as Gold Sponsors Philips Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Jotun Paints (M) Sdn Bhd and Inovar Resources Sdn Bhd. The showrooms are opened for public viewing and you may cast your vote for your favourite showroom. Before entering the showroom, we were ushered to register ourselves at the registration area. It’a s simple process which takes about 3 minutes and we were each given a token. After viewing both showrooms, we just need to drop the token in the box provided.

Here’s my take on Showroom A – gives off a luxurious vibes with its cool coloured settings. I can easily imagined myself indulging in a hot cuppa while lounging in the living room reading a magazine or watching TV. Love the concept of walk through area from living room to dining area that ends with a small garden at the back. Heading upstairs, I fell in love with the master bedroom that has a touch of Balinese feel. The kids room are equally decorated in style very chic. In total, there are 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms available in here.

Next stop, Showroom B – gives off a modern comfortable vibe and you can see the design is more suitable for families with young toddlers.  The living room is adjoined to the dining room and there’s also a bedroom attached with a bathroom at the bottom (perfect for live-in maids or for visitors to stay overnight).  There’s also a chalk board for parents to write the kids schedule. Heading upstairs, I simply adore the kids room as I can easily picture both of my boys having fun in the room. The master bedroom is kept simple and chic. In total, there are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms available.

So guess which one I chose… my vote went to Showroom B whilst my husband prefer Showroom A. After finishing our tour, we both headed back to the gallery to pick up the kids. Took another round at the flea market before leaving to purchase ourselves some drinks and ice cream. My kids totally had fun today and we as parents are delighted to see them enjoying themselves.

IJM 19 (2)

IJM Land’s Happy Family Day is still going on tomorrow from 10am – 5pm. So head over there to have a fun filled day with your family and do remember to cast a vote for IJM LAND Designer Award 2016!

Bandar Rimbayu Show Gallery
No.1, Jalan Flora 3
Bandar Rimbayu
42500, Teluk Panglima Garang
Selangor D.E.
Contact: 1700- 81- 8686

Facebook: Bandar Rimbayu IJM Land

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