Introducing Brand New Look ‘Buds For Kids’ Organic Range


Bathing the kids can be a great fun activity but when we’re using the wrong products then it’s no longer fun. Being a parent, I always opt for products that are safe without harmful chemicals. Reason being, kids have rather sensitive skin and we do want to keep it silky smooth. One of my favourite product is from Buds Organics. Understanding the needs of a parent, they introduced ‘Buds for Kids’ organic range. This year, they revamp the packaging and introduces two new fruity shower gel scents namely Raspberry and Tutty Fruity.

I bet the kids will fall in love with the new packaging featuring four adorable new fuzzy monsters, guaranteed to make bath time a fun and memorable experience. You might not be aware that Buds Organics is a homegrown Malaysian brand born from a loving parent’s passion to protect his kids from all the harmful chemicals.

Most parents are not aware that conventional cleaning products contain chemicals which are too harsh for young babies and children. This leads to parents allowing their kids to use adult shower gels thus unintentionally exposing them to harsh chemicals from a very young age. Hence, Buds Organics makes it their priority to bring parents’ attention to their children’s sensitive skin.

At the event, Dr.Amir Hamzah Dato’Abdul Latif (Head of Allergy & Immunology Centre, Pantai Hospital, and the President of Malaysian Society of Allergy and Immunology (MSAI) shed some light on the topic of children’s skin. HOW prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals is bad for the children.

Understanding Labels: No More Nasties

Buds Organics encourages parents to have a proper look at the ingredient labels at the back of shower gel and shampoo bottles. One ingredient stands out amongst the rest is ‘Sodium Lauryl Sulfate’, usually disguised as ‘SLS’, a common chemical found in most cleaning products like shampoo, soap, shower gels, detergents, mouthwash, and toothpaste. It has corrosive properties (which is why it is used in floor and dish detergents!) and is a proven skin and eye irritant!

Look at those bubbles! Buds Organics have fewer bubbles than normal brands because of the lack of SLS, a harmful and harsh chemical responsible for the bubbles in conventional cleaning products.

ECOCERT: A Promise to Parents

To reassure parents that the products are fully and truly organic, the products are sent for extremely stringent checks twice a year by ECOCERT – one of the most recognised organic certification bodies in the world. Submission to ECOCERT is a promise to parents that Buds Organics products contain a minimum of 95% certified-organic plant based ingredients. For instance, instead of using artificial perfume to fragrance the shampoos and shower gels, only the purest natural essential oils are used. Buds Organics was the first Asian brand to be recognised by ECOCERT to have a full range of certified organic personal skin and hair care products.

Children from Wishing Star Malaysia were invited by Buds Organics to join in the fun and spend the day in KidZania in celebration of the ‘Buds for Kids’ product launch.

Guest speaker Mary Anne Loh, founder of Wishing Star Malaysia, a platform where members of the public come together to realise the wishes and bucket lists of kids with terminal diseases. She shared her unwavering support for Buds throughout the years and how Buds has been with her kids especially through all their challenges with severe skin sensitivity. It was touching when we found out children from Wishing Star were invited by Buds Organics to join in the fun and spend the day at KidZania.

‘Name The Monster’ Contest

In celebration of their new look, Buds for Kids is holding a contest via Facebook to allow kids to name all four of the monsters featured on the product bottles from 28 September 2017 to 31 October 2017.

Buds Organics ‘Name the Monster’ Contest – From 28 Sept to 31 Oct 2017

Where to get Buds for Kids?

Buds for Kids is available for purchase at leading chain pharmacies such as Guardian, Caring and other independent pharmacies as well. Also available at Mothercare, Robinsons, selected Parkson stores, baby boutiques, and online stores. Price as below:

  • Lavender Shower Gel 350ml – RM51.83
  • Lavender Shampoo 350ml – RM66.67
  • Lavender Conditioner 100ml – RM42.29
  • Orange Shower Gel 350ml – RM51.83
  • Orange Shampoo 350ml – RM66.67
  • Orange Conditioner 100ml – RM42.29
  • Raspberry Shower Gel 350ml – RM51.83
  • Tutty Fruity Shower Gel 350ml- RM51.83
  • Orange Travel Set – RM27.45
  • Lavender Travel Set – RM27.45

For the latest updates and more information, please visit Buds’ official homepage  or and Facebook page

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