Italian Fusion At Iggo Café

Finally, I found an Italian Fusion Café in Setia Alam and I’m so stoked because it’s located nearby Klang town *woots* Iggo Café is fairly new in town and has only been operating for less than a year. I recently went there for a meal with my family and nieces in tow. Upon arrival, we were greeted warmly by the friendly staff and we like to cosy interior of the café as well.

As usual we kick start with drinks and I ordered the Babycino in chocolate flavour (also available in Vanilla, Hazelnut & Caramel) for my son and a Green Tea Latte for myself. My son loved the Babycino for its rich chocolatey taste and smooth texture. Green Tea Latte is a tad too overpowering for me. (Note: Please ignore the bubbly surface of the Babycino drink as it was caused by warm temperature and me too busy taking photos of other drinks.)

Babyccino (Chocolate) & Green Tea Latte
Babyccino (Chocolate) – RM6 & Green Tea Latte- RM13

The kids ordered Fruit Juice (Orange) and Ice Chocolate.

Ice Chocolate & Orange Juice - Iggo Cafe
Ice Chocolate – RM14 & Orange Juice – RM8 per bottle

Also ordered a Flat White and Ice Blended Very Vanilla. The Flat White tasted good as I prefer a lighter taste and the winner definitely goes to the Ice Blended Very Vanilla. The fragrant vanilla scent iced blended added with a dollop of caramel and Hershey chocolate syrup is an absolutely ‘Must Try’!

Flat White & Iced Blended Very Vanilla - Iggo Cafe
Flat White – RM10 & Iced Blended Very Vanilla – RM13

Our first dish to arrive was the soup. We ordered both the Mushroom Soup and Pumpkin Soup.

A definite ‘Must Try’ is the Mushroom soup that’s freshly made using a varieties of mushroom, this soup has a smooth and creamy blended consistency.  As for Pumpkin soup  its made from local pumpkins however the soup is still sweet and tasty. Both soups are garnished with truffle oil and served with a slice of toasted bread.

Smoked Duck Salad - Iggo Cafe
Smoked Duck Salad – RM13.90

Next, we had the Smoked Duck Salad served with crunchy walnut bits, orange segment and citrus dressing. This salad is truly well seasoned and every bite is a refreshing zesty taste that makes my palate yearns for more, an absolutely ‘Must Try’ dish!

 For mains, we ordered the below:

Mushroom Aglio Olio with Poached Egg. Spaghetti was al-dente and the egg was poached perfectly. Generous amount of mushrooms are added in this dish and every spoonful is filled with it. However, it’s a tad too spicy for little kids. As for me, I love it!

Shredded Lamb Shank Risotto served with cherry tomatoes and broccoli is another ‘Must Try’ dish! The shredded lamb was tender and well season with tomato sauce. As for the Risotto it was al-dente and chewy just the way I like it.

Chicken Ham Sandwich with cheese on Panini/Focaccia is also a good healthy choice suitable for my niece who was looking for a lighter meal. A meal is not complete without desserts.

Although we were full, we decided to order the French Toast and Grandma Tiramisu.

French Toast with Berries - Iggo Cafe
French Toast with Berries – RM12

French Toast with berries prove to be a favourite among the kids for the bread was milky soft and fluffy. Voted a ‘Must Try’ as well!

Grandma Tiramisu - Iggo Cafe
Grandma Tiramisu – RM12

Grandma Tiramisu with its rich chocolatey and vanilla sponge cake with mousse is definitely a ‘Must Try’. Each scoop of the tiramisu, reveals the rich creamy mousse texture topped it with chocolatey sauce, absolutely perfect. This dessert is also suitable for kids as its alcohol free (most Tiramisu cakes incorporate a touch of Bailey’s).

Kids at Iggo Cafe
With my family hanging out at Iggo Cafe

The food portion is just nice and the price is affordable as well.  Definitely, worth a revisit with my family again! If you’re nearby, do check it out for yourself.

Iggo Cafe
3, Jalan Setia Prima A U13/A,
Batu 5 1/2,
40170, Shah Alam
+6003-3362 1990
Email: [email protected]

Iggo Cafe 

Operations Hours:
Closed every Monday
Tues – Thu: 11am – 10.30pm
Friday: 11am – 11pm
Sat & Sun: 9.30am – 11pm

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