Japanese Infusion Food At Doutor Coffee

Being a café hopper, I’m always on the lookout for new cafes sprouting in Malaysia. Today, I’m introducing Doutor Coffee which has recently opened in Malaysia. Doutor was first established as a coffee roasting plant serving quality coffee beans. After 37 years, Doutor opened its first European styled café in Harajuku, Japan serving high quality food and beverages. Today, they’ve more than 1,200 outlets worldwide.

At DOUTOR, they holds firmly to their ‘3 FRESH’ philosophy – freshly roasted, freshly ground, and freshly brewed to ensure customers have the freshest quality coffee. Besides that, Doutor also serves hot food choices prepared fresh upon order. You will find a touch of Japanese element in their food and beverages.

Time to eat, let’s go!!


Doutor Chinese New Year Drink – Frozen Red Velvet
RM15.50 (regular) / RM17.50 (large)

Quench your thirst this Chinese New Year, with these striking red drinks from Doutor. For coffee drinkers opt for the Frozen Red Velvet Mocha (with coffee) as for non-coffee drinkers there’s the Frozen Red Velvet Chocolate (without coffee). Both drinks look the same and yet taste differently. Personally, I loved the Frozen Red Velvet Mocha as it’s not so sweet compared to other cafes.

Military Latte – RM16

If you’re a huge fan of green tea, you must order their signature coffee in the house Military Latte. Perfectly balanced ratio of matcha green tea, milk, cocoa and espresso in a cup. It’s extremely smooth to drink!

Frozen Honey Latte
RM15 (regular) / RM17 (large)

On a hot day, take a sip of the Frozen Honey Latte. Perfectly blended it’s filled with sweetness of honey together with coffee.

Creme Brulee Latte – RM16

Here’s another top notch signature coffee from DOUTOR is Creme Brulee Latte. Honestly, this is the first time I come upon Crème Brulee as a beverage and I definitely loved it! The unique taste of melted sugar on top coffee is simply tasty. Just the right amount of sweetness with deep flavours of roasted coffee. Definitely a must try!

Hand Brew Coffee
RM9 (regular) / RM11 (large)

If you’re a fan of classic coffee, then you must try their Hand Brew Coffee.


Ratatouille Doria- RM15

A pan of al-dente sesame rice with filled with healthy greens such as eggplant, capsicums, tomatoes, peppers and lots more. Topped with melted mozzarella cheese and baked with tomatoes puree.

Mentai Shrimp Pasta – RM17

This is a Japanese fusion dish of spaghetti that’s al-dente with toppings of fresh grilled prawns, shimeji mushrooms and mentaiko. Sprinkle with a dose of nori and spring onions. However, I find the mentaiko taste slightly overwhelming and pasta slightly bland.

Shrimp & Tuna Omu Wrap – RM15

Another Japanese infusion dish is this unique sandwich. This omu wrap is made from a thin layer of egg sheets with fillings of spicy shrimp, tuna, rice, lettuce, onion and wasabi mayo. I like the kick of spiciness in this cold dish.

Tuna Cheddar Sandwich- RM12

Crisp toasted brioche loaf with oozing melted cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese with generous toppings of tuna. This is one of my favourite dish for the day.

Teriyaki Chicken & Tamago Sandwich – RM13

Toasted brioche loaf sandwich with tender Teriyaki chicken, egg, lettuce, tomato and wasabi mayo. I like the taste of tanginess and sweetness in this sandwich. This is a sandwich that you must absolutely order!


Chocolate Croissant – RM8

Soft butter croissant with generous fillings of delicious chocolate.

Croffle – RM7

A signature bestseller pastry in Doutor, this Croffle is a mix between Croissant and Waffles. It’s soft to bite on with a crispy layer of sugar on top the Croffle. Truly scrumptious!

Here I tried two of their in-house bestseller mille crepe. If you like sweetness then go for Crème Brulee mille crepe but if you’re a fan of green tea then try the Matcha Green Tea mille crepe instead. Both are equally good.

Lemon Chocolate Cheese Cake – RM13

Tangy lemon taste with chocolatey flavours, this smooth texture cheesecake is a delight to consume.

So what’s my verdict of Doutor Coffee? Personally, the coffee drinks are really good with the right balance of sweetness and coffee blend. For on-the-go meals, the sandwiches are delicious.  The pastries are scrumptious as well. However, I would have to say they need to improve their Japanese fusion dishes perhaps a little tweak to cater to Malaysian taste. In terms of pricing, I’ve got to say it’s quite affordable if compared to other cafes.

Cheers everyone, here’s wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year!

You can find Doutor Coffee brewing in AEON Tebrau City, Sunway Velocity Mall and AEON Bukit Tinggi as well. For more information, please visit Doutor’s Malaysia Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram too. Till then, keep you posted on  my next cafe hopping session!

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