Mak Chee Limited Edition Seductive Muscular Man Champion Milk Tea & Crispy Cheesy Wonton

Who in heaven haven’t heard of Mak Chee who is extremely famous for their wantan noodles in Hong Kong. Since, its debut in Malaysia early this year, throngs of people have been paying the restaurant a visit and business is really booming.  With the intention to bring the best of their Hong Kong delicacies to Malaysian market, Mak Chee is proud to unveil two of its latest food offerings which are Muscular Champion Milk Tea and Cheesy Wonton.

Champion Milk Tea packaged in a seductive muscular man bottle is sure to drive the ladies crazy!

Champion Milk Tea is made using the techniques of KamCha together with 100% Sri Lankan Ceylon Tea. The unique blend creates a well-balanced tea flavour that’s fragrant with a silky smooth texture. The best part you can have this tea served in their limited edition Muscular figured bottle which will be made available from 5th December 2016 till 28th Feb 2017 ( while stock last).

Cheesy Wonton

A seasonal dish featuring crispy Deep Fried Sea Prawn Wonton with oozing mozzarella and cheddar cheese. It’s crispy on the outside and yet stuff with cheesy prawn fillings on the inside. Quite an addictive dish best eaten while its hot. This dish is also only available for a limited period from  5th December 2016 till 28th Feb 2017 ( while stock last)

Braised Beef Brisket ( RM 19.90/ RM 29.90)

One of the best seller in Mak Chee is their Braised Beef Brisket that’s extremely tender to bite on. Braised for hours, this dish is simply tantalising with its tasty sauce and one should definitely order this dish when dining here.

Prawn Roe Dry Noodle (RM 12.90) / (RM 14.90)

Another signature dish I tried was the Prawn Roe Dry Noodle that’s got generous prawn roe sprinkled on top of the springy wantan noodles. Each bite is so pleasurable and tasty, wish I can have more.

Wantan & Dumpling Noodles (RM 14.90/ RM 16.90)

My absolute favourite have got to be this bowl of springy wantan noodles served with plump dumpling fillings. The dumplings are wrapped in crystal skin and has a huge prawn on the inside. This is highly recommended to everyone who comes to Mak Chee.

Kailan in Oyster Sauce

You can always opt to pair your wantan noodles with other ala-carte dishes from the menu. For those who love green vegetables, the Kailan in Oyster sauce is steam to perfection with generous Oyster sauce topping.

If you love velvety tea and have a thing for cheesy wontons, come over to Mak Chee to try their latest offering. For more information on Mak Chee, please visit

Mak Chee 
Lot LG 311D, One Utama
Bandar Utama
47800, Petaling Jaya
Tel:  +603- 7722 2788

Operations hours: 
Mon – Sun: 10am -10pm

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