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I know what you are thinking! I was invited to this food pairing’s event at Joloko, KL and it certainly change my perspective about Rum. In my Uni days, it would just be Rum & Coke or an exquisite cocktail drink which you enjoy in the clubbing scene (it’s certainly much better than beer).

Welcome to Joloko, KL with its rustic decor.

Establish in 1703, Mount Gay is one of the World’s oldest rum producers. Perpetuating a long standing Barbadian tradition for more 310 years, Mount Gay rums are handcrafted from a blend of single column and double copper pot distillates and matured in toasted oak barrels, delivering aromatic, flavorful taste, body and refined character.

A rustic environment from the outside but inside is infuse with a touch of Caribbean vibes.

For this event, Mount Gay Brand Ambassador for Europe, Asia and Pacific region – Mr. Miguel Smith was present to share their rich heritage and their methods of appreciating Rum. To be honest, I knew about drinking (especially wine) – it was insightful as Miguel explained the nature of rum, its character and methods to appreciate rum.

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It didn’t occur to me that Mount Gay range of Rum: Eclipse, Black Barrel and XO would have taste wonderfully when paired with food.

Mount Gay

We started the event with 2 welcoming cocktail by infusing Eclipse. Woulinewa was a wonderful cocktail as the after taste and coconut’s aromas linger in your mouth. Meanwhile if you like instant an instant wake up tropical feel, Moudo Bongo would be something that you would enjoy as the pineapple and passion fruit aromatic and sourness will makes you want to drink more.

Mount Gay
Our cocktail, Woulinewa (L) and Moudo Bongo (R). A good way of welcoming your visitors without getting them drunk

Guess what’s our menu for today 😀

Mount Gay - SAU_3257

For our starters, I selected the Bone Marrow with herbs salsa and pickled green peppers to pair with Mount Gay Eclipse.

Mount Gay - SAU_3446 -

The Eclipse had a distinctive floral and fruity notes of apricot, banana with hints of vanilla in it. I wondered, how would a fruity aromas beverage goes with Bone Marrow with herbs salsa and pickled green peppers? Surprised… it was good. I guess, the fruity aroma brings out the full punch of the pickled green peppers (ate every drops of pepper than I can find on the plate). Imagine… the spicy taste of pepper with a tinge of cider (after chewing), you take a sip of Eclipse. It dry outs the sourness but enhances the spiciness of the pepper by giving a warm feeling in your throat while the aromas of vanilla lingers.

Whilst for main I went for Coffee Rubbed Striploin Steak

Mount Gay - SAU_3644 -

This dish was paired with Mount Gay – Black Barrel. When Miguel mentioned that Black Barrel was his favorite, I certainly did understand it after experience myself.  The Black Barrel has a complex notes of spice, toasted woods and fruity aroma. As it trails down my throat, it gives a bold spice, oakly vanilla and sweet caramel taste. It goes really well with my steak.

Time for dessert and here we have the Sticky Date Pudding

Mount Gay

Save the best for last? Mount Gay – XO fits the bill. An aged 8 to 15 years Rum, numerous gold award winner, XO was the finesse of the range. As you put the glass near you, you can smell the aromas of ripe toasted banana and vanilla. According to Miguel, XO is blended in older barrels or mainly double pot distillates which gives it a distinctive rich and oaky taste.  I can only say this, XO enhances any sweetness of a dessert that you put in your mouth. Even as I try to wash of the sweetness of in my mouth with water, you can still the feel the sweet after taste. It is a nice sipping Rum (I almost type wine) that I truly enjoyed according to my pace. Miguel mentioned that the sweetness of Mount Gay comes from the ingredient to make these rum, as such it is as natural as you can get.

Mount Gay - SAU_3230

If you are planning for fruity tropical (especially aromatic) meal, try pairing with Mount Gay. For me, it was certainly “Time Well Spent”!

Note: This article is written by my guest writer CK Lam 😀

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