(Movie Review) The Mummy

The Mummy sets out as a reboot over the Brendan Fraser franchise with stars such as Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Sofia Boutella (You would recognize her from Kingsmen) and Jake Johnson (From The TV Series New Girl). The franchise had deteriorating viewer ratings ever since the original 1999 movie was released.  Fast forward to 2017, this star-studded, action reboot appeared to have something just as good as the original. The flashy visuals and action scenes were definitely the highlight of this movie with Tom Cruise running cover to cover in dangerous scenarios.

Tom Cruise stars, which to some may be no longer be a good enough reason to watch a movie anymore, but I think he deserves a fair amount of credit here. Tom is well known for his blockbuster action role in the M:I franchise and bringing along to the “The Mummy”, is his likeability and his reasonably entertaining acting. It does the job well enough for the film to be taken reasonably seriously.

It’s important to note that you’re not seeing anything ground-breaking with this film; it’s not going to have the same impact as the original Mummy title and it certainly isn’t going an award winning movie but it has its moments of thrilling action and well-crafted visuals.

However, the plot and character development is poor, making this Egyptian-flick feels a bit draggy. The plot and story is all too familiar with an ancient evil coming back to life for vengeance and havoc. Hopefully, these will be addressed in the upcoming titles of this franchise as the future does look rather promising with other monsters and mythical creatures potentially joining the franchise.

Not the worst, not the best, but definitely worth watching for a few thrills.

Rating : 5/10

Check out the trailer here:

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