(Movie Review) Superbly Messy Transformers The Last Knight


Back when Transformers was released in the cinema, I still remembered I was awed by it. In fact, I became a fan and watched it for 5 times (that’s record breaking for me). Then next came, Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, which was still quite a decent watch. The next few Transformers movie that followed wasn’t that great. I had high hopes for Transformers The Last Knight will redeem the previous bad ones (seeing how impressive the trailer was). Did it lived up to my expectations?

Well, got to say a big NO! Transformers The Last Knight was truly messed up and is such a sore to watch. Any feelings I had for Transformers was truly dashed by this disastrous movie helmed by Michael Bay.

Interested to know more about plot? Well, here you go ! Many years ago King Arthur and his knights were in a war (which they were close to losing) but Merlin went to an old crashed spaceship to ask for help from an ancient Transformers. With the Transformers assistance they won and an alliance was formed.

Back in the present day, Transformers are being hunted in United States and  Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) is helping  the Autobots to hide away from both Decepticons and the humans’ TRF (Transformers Reaction Force).

Somehow later he learns that a talisman is the key to finding Merlin’s staff and off he goes to Britain to meet Sir Edmund Burton (Anthony Hopkins). Burton shared his knowledge with Cade and send both him and a beautiful professor Viviane Wembly (Laura Haddock) on a quest to look for the staff.

As for Optimus Prime (who’s drifting in space), he landed on a giant planet which is apparently Cybertron, Transformers’ homeworld. There he met an ancient robot (not really sure how to describe it) and agrees to help it to restore Cybertron (which is on collision course with Earth) and effectively turned semi-evil.

The storyline is kinda silly and doesn’t make much sense. There’s tons of action going on but it’s so choppy and edits sequence are too fast. I could barely understand who’s good or evil. I can’t really describe how trashy the movie was and should just stopped here. If you are a Transformer fans, this movie is totally not for you.

Ratings: 4/10

Check out trailer below:

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