My special 520 treat Thai Massage at HealthLand Botanic

This 520 (which means I Love You in Chinese) gave me an opportunity to surprise my beloved to a special treat. Guess what I planned? I brought him along to unwind and rejuvenate with a Thai Massage at HealthLand!

Stepping into the HealthLand, we were greeted by friendly staffs. They explained the current packages available patiently, making sure we were comfortable with our choices. After much thought, we decided to go for 1 hour leg massage & 1 hour Thai Massage. Psst…for those who opt for Thai Oil Massage, you can choose your oil. There’s lavender, ginger and many more.

We were ushered into the parlor, to have our feet washed. We loved the feel of having our feet washed with the luxurious soap provided at HealthLand 😀

Followed suit, we entered the spacious leg massage room. The comfortable and amiable environment puts us at ease as we indulge ourselves. The chairs were clean and comfy. Let’s relax as the masseuse ease the stiffness and tiredness from our feet.

Next, we proceed to the third floor for the VIP room, which is meant for couples. The simple woodsy décor in HealthLand is appealing and beckons us in. Clean massage bed, linen and clothes were prepared and nicely placed. Time to let our mind relax and body rejuvenate!

My husband preferred a strong and firm massage, and I can practically see how relax he was as the masseuse worked the stiffness from his muscles and joints. As for me, I prefer a medium strength massage and my therapist skills were on point. She uses the right pressure on my body. I can feel all the tension melting away!

To those who have done Thai massage before, you’ll know that the masseuse uses Balm instead of oil. In fact, the technique in Thai massage not only involve the hands. It also combines the coordination of their elbows, legs, and feet to contort, twist and stretch every part of our body. Working their magic on both of our bodies to ease the kinks out of tired muscles was fantastic.

At the end of our treatment, we were served ginger drink to unwind. I loved the ginger drinks, and they were kind enough to serve me 2 cups of it.  My husband was so happy with the surprised treat and he complimented the masseuse for their attentiveness.

HealthLand certainly provides us with a memorable experience. If you’re looking for high quality treatments with skillful masseuse at an affordable price, swing by HealthLand to pamper yourself or a loved one today!

For more information, please visit

HealthLand Botanic
1, Jalan Mahogani 3, Bandar Botanik
41200, Klang, Selangor D.E.
+603- 3318 7282


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