My Third Health & Wellness Journey With Vitacare


After attending the first two sharing session of Vitacare’s Phamarcy Health & Wellness Journey focusing on wellness and beauty, this year its back for the third time!

Held at Vitacare, The Gardens Mall Mid Valley, this round focuses on everyone’s favourite topic ‘FOOD’ that’s healthy and yet delicious.  If you all recall, the Vitacare Health & Wellness Discovery Journey aims to share informative news on holistic health and wellness lifestyle that’s beneficial to us. Each series also offer us the latest information on healthy supplement and products available in the market.

For today, we shall be focusing on pure vegan protein supplement by Dawson’s Plant Protein, followed by wholesome grains beverage recipe tips from Good Morning and conclude with improving gut health information using New Morning, Fibre Cleanse Forte and Actizyme.

Dawson’s Plant Protein


Dawson’s Plant Protein is a functional, easy-to-digest, pure vegan protein supplement. It offers full spectrum of essential amino acids (AAS=1). Plus factor its enriched with prebiotic (FOS) and delivers extraordinary results for better digestive system, tissue cells healing and enhancement of immune system. Did I also mentioned, you can use this as a meal replacement just by mixing in some greens and fruits? Thus, helping to achieving an ideal body figure 😀

Without any major food allergens, Dawson’s’ Plant Protein complements our daily diet perfectly. It’s also suitable to be consume by growing children and the elderly.


At the event, the Nutritionist demonstrated how to make our very own protein drink with some fruits and spinach. I love the drink’s smooth and rich texture which was extremely delicious!


Tips: Always remember to use room temperature water when mixing your protein powder as hot water will kill all the goodness in the powder.

Good Morning – 18 Whole Grains & VHalia


Most of you would have heard about delicious 18 whole grains from Good Morning. The healthy and nutritious whole grain beverage is made up of selected 18 types of premium whole grains with 7 unique ingredients. The unique ingredients are purple sweet potato, blueberry, fibersol-2 soluble fibre, calcium, lutein, soy lecithin and prebiotic inulin.


Apart from that, 18 whole grains complement our daily diet for its high in fibre, protein, calcium and iron. One important thing to note is that the product helps to assist our eyes from further degradation due to exposure of smartphones. Last but not least, 18 Grains contains No Colouring, No Preservatives and Lactose Free. Thus, its suitable for all ages even vegetarians, pregnant mothers, diabetics and individuals with high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol.


At the event, we also learned about their latest multi-grains beverage VHalia 18 Grains. This nutritious ginger-grains beverage contains 9 unique ingredients such as Bamboo Ginger, Dates, Red Quinoa, B-Glucan, Lecithin, Lutien, Prebiotic Inulin, Aquamin F (Calcium) and fibersol-2.  It helps to rid our body from cold constitution such as constipation, poor blood circulation, cold hands and feet and poor immunity.

The product is also high in dietary fibre, iron, protein and is a cholesterol free food. No added coloring and preservatives thus its suitable to be consume for all ages even as young as infants. For our Muslim friends, both products from Good Morning are certified HALAL as well.


We had fun creating decorating our overnight rolled grains and honestly the sweet potato taste mix with fruits and granola was smashingly delish.

New Morning – FibreCleanse Forte & ActiZyme+


Have you ever wondered whether your gut is healthy? Is there a way to improve the gut and bowel regularity? Well, wonder no more as New Morning FibreCleanse Forte can assist to restore gut flora, support gut cleansing and prevent overgrowth of bad bacteria. It’s powerful anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant properties help to support colon tissue health and functions.

It contains powerful anti-inflammatory Moringa Oleifera Extract, 3 billion cfu of live cultures (probiotics) and prebiotics, rich plant enzyme, 22 types of natural fruits and vegetable extracts. The full spectrum of quality soluble and insoluble fibres helps to supply our body with the fibre requirement lacking in our daily diet.

Our speaker preparing New Morning ActiZyme+ for demonstration session

Now, the next topic about New Morning ActiZyme+ is truly interesting. An advanced formula to support optimal digestion and micronutrients absorption, it helps those who suffered from indigestion, weakened stomachs and GI tract.

Specifically formulated with DigeSEB®, the premium blend of digestive enzymes helps to optimise the digestion of our daily diet which is high in carbohydrate, fat and proteins. Containing 22 natural fruits and vegetable extracts it delivers a full spectrum of antioxidants and polyphenols to protect our gut’s lining thus reducing stomach inflammation.

Celebrity guests Davina Goh, Nana Al-Haleq together with blogger Miera stirring the product to see how it helps to dissolve our food faster.

We were privy to a quick demonstration on ‘HOW’ the product works to assist our gut to digest our daily diet. Definitely an eye-opener session for me as I always had indigestion problem. Can’t wait to try this product for myself.

There you have it our third series of Vitacare Health & Wellness Discovery Journey. Let’s count down to the next round and hope it will happen soon 😀

For more information about Vitacare Health & Wellness Discovery Journey, please visit Vitacare Malaysia’s Website or Facebook Page

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