OMG UnFriend Fried Chicken – A Guiltless Indulgence By Kenny Roger Roasters

Kenny Rogers Unfried Chicken

We all know how Malaysians loved to indulge in luxurious food that might not be too good for our health.  One of my vice for unhealthy food is fried chicken.  Today, I’m here to share the highlight of Kenny Rogers Roasters latest menu featuring the much-anticipated OMG Unfried Fried Chicken. Hang on just a minute, did I just say UNFRIED FRIED CHICKEN? Is that even possible? Well,  let’s check out the healthy version by Kenny Rogers Roasters *wink*

The outrageous, mouthwatering, and guiltless (OMG) chicken is marinated with signature herbs and delicately seasoned in a special batter to give it a rich flavourful crunch. The chicken is cooked in a special way for a guiltless dining pleasure. I got to say, it was pretty tasty. The texture has a biscuitey bite to it and was extremely crisp.  It’s available in two meal options:

OMG Chicken Meal – RM16.90

Kenny Rogers Unfried Fried Chicken 1

This meal consist of 2 pieces of OMG Chicken served with aromatic rice and coleslaw.

OMG Chicken & Soup Meal- RM16.90

Kenny Rogers Unfried Fried Chicken 4

If you prefer have a broth to warm up the tummy, then opt for this set. It consists of  2 pieces of OMG Chicken served with  Aromatic Rice  and a pipping bowl of Kenny’s Mushroom & Chicken Soup. There’s also Vanilla Muffin given in this combo as well.

Aside from the OMG Chicken,  I tried new side dishes as well.

Triple Bean Salad

Kenny Rogers Unfried Fried Chicken 2

This salad is extremely yummy.  The colourful mix of fava beans, chickpeas, red kidney beans with a spread of freshly diced vegetables topped with sweet honey mustard dressing in certainly appetising.  Plus, its also packed with nutritious goodness.

The Smokey Corn Bites 

The Smokey Corn Bites is another one to look out for, with roasted warm corn bites, freshly diced vegetables, cocktail sausage doused in KRR’s signature smoked BBQ sauce. I like this too but my first choice would still be Triple Bean Salad *wink*

If this is not enough to get you excited, you must try the latest KRR’s special sauces with ‘The Way I Like It!’ condiments. Choose from Smoked BBQ, Honey BBQ, and Spicy Gilerr! My favourite goes to Spicy Gilerr forthe level of spiciness was right with a tinge of sourness. Certainly managed to light up my palette! For those who enjoyed a touch of sweetness, opt for Honey BBQ. Last but not least, SMOKED BBQ for those who like a touch of outdoor smokey flame touch.

Ooh…are all of you aware that every Thursday, KRR has a promotion named Thursday Take Me Home? You can purchase  signature rotisserie roasted whole chicken at only RM 29!

I did enjoy the meal and felt less guilty indulging in Kenny Rogers Roasters OMG Unfried Fried Chicken. By the way, KRR is having a OMG Expression contest from now till 26th November 2017. There’s prizes worth more than RM500 up for grabs! To participate, just upload a picture of your best OMG expression when eating KRR’s OMG Unfried Fried Chicken to their Facebook account (do set your profile to public). Remember to hashtag #KRRmalaysia #OMGchickenMY #unfriedfried and tag KRR’s official Facebook page.

For more information on Kenny Rogers ROASTERS, kindly contact 03 – 2119 9888. You can also visit or connect to

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