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Yes, new ordered books from Scholastic just arrived in the nick of time before the Raya holidays and this will keep my kid busy for a few days. My son is more of a creative person and he prefers book that has colourful illustrations or come along with a sing-along DVD. Thus, when he saw the books I’ve ordered, he was really ecstatic over it .

Scholastic 6

The first book he grab was A Hide-And-Seek Alphabet Book (ABC). This book is suitable for kids aged 2 years and above, my son love the beautiful embossed book with colourful illustrations. We had fun reading rhymes and exploring the busy scenes of the book. He was happily pointing out the items and animals found in the book.

Later in the evening, he picked up another book to read. This round it was his favourite cartoon the Star Wars Workbooks Phonics and ABCs that contains 80 cool pages of curriculum-based exercises and activities. It reinforces key language concepts, including long and short vowel sounds, hard and soft consonants, writing first words and more. First vocabulary words. To be honest, I don’t really know phonics and enjoyed having my kid teaching me to pronounce it.

Scholastic 13

See that’s him practising his handwriting on the curriculum-based exercises in the Star Wars Workbooks Phonics and ABCs book. (ps: Pls ignore the messy bed room as he couldn’t wait to start reading and wants to do it on the spot)

Scholastic 13 (2)

After few days of reading the first two books, he eventually asked whether there are other books available. Of course, mommy magically shown him two brand new books that comes along with a sing-along DVD.

Scholastic 1

Both of this sing-along books feature musics by Craig Smith and is superbly catchy. In Wilbee The Bumblebee book, the endearing illustrations is paired with a catchy song that’ll have you buzzing along to its tune. It was really cute as we follow the antics of Willbee who torn his stripy jumper on a rose thorn and having his friends helping him to make a new jumper.

Scholastic 2
Attached inside the book – DVD are sealed in a plastic envelope

As for My Daddy Ate An Apple, the story feature a young zebra who watched his dad getting sick eating a rotten apple with worms inside. We were both laughing out loud listening to the super silly song and looking at the hilarious illustrations.

In the past getting him to read is quite difficult as he lacks the concentration. By attracting his attention with the right types of books, I can slowly see his progress in terms of reading, writing and improvement in vocabulary words as well. It was a fun-filled book week during the holiday break and I’m glad to see my son falling in love with reading. Scholastic offered many genre of books that caters to kids as young as 18 months old; feel free to browse at and find the right book to introduce your kids to reading pleasure.

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