Quality & Affordable Products By Guardian Corporate Brands

As a consumer we always looks for quality and affordable pricing products in the market. For me, I always choose to head to Guardian to purchase my goods as I trust the brand. Plus the products they offered ‘in-house’ are of good quality too. Are you aware that Guardian has close to 500 SKUs of its ‘house brand or corporate brand products which are available exclusively at Guardian stores nationwide?

These Guardian brand products cover every aspect of life from birth, infanthood, kids, teens, young adults, adults, families and into the golden years. Some of their products has became my favourite as Guardian placed high safety standards for their products at a reasonable price.

Do you know that all Guardian’s skincare and body care products are dermatologically tested and proven to provide ultimate care and confidence for its users. Well, now you do *wink*

Apart from that, Guardian also introduces its ‘Recommended by The Toughest Users’ seal of approval and consumer campaign that signals the uplift of close to 500 SKUs of Guardian Corporate Brand products including its Baby & Kids, Bath & Body, Paper, Cotton & Wipes, Oral & Razor, Face Masks and Health product categories. Guess which are my favourite products? It’s definitely the Hello Kitty product range and the amazing sheet masks 😀

What does the seal stands for? The seal of approval shows that that the Guardian corporate brand products have undergone the brand’s three-step quality assurance, with the added ease-of-mind that selected products ranges have been dermatologically tested and proven. All Guardian corporate brand products come with a money back guarantee, reflecting the brand’s confidence that its product quality and safety will meet consumers’ satisfaction.

In the month of April, head to the nearest Guardian store near you as they’re running a  ‘Recommended by the Toughets Users’ campaign! There are more exciting promotions coming up, for more information check out Guardian’s Website or Facebook Page.

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