Get Quality School Shoes During Bata ‘Back To School’ Promotion!

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Time sure flew by fast when everyone is in a holiday mood! It less than 2 weeks’ school will resume and my son Kenwyn will be hitting year 2. I’ve everything prepared for his school day except for school shoes.  This year our education minister has announced the enforcement of black shoes and socks by 2021. All schools are given the option to select either white or black shoes for year 2019 & 2020. This will give schools, students and parents enough time to adapt the implementation of fully black shoes in 2021.

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Earlier I’ve bought Kenwyn a black school shoes and he loves it. I hesitated to buy an extra pair of black shoes because in my heart I think there’s chance the school might request for a white shoe. Well, I guessed correctly as a week after I bought the shoes, there came a notice for parents to include a pair of white shoes for certain activities.

Hence, I scrambled to purchase for a pair of white shoes. Thank goodness, I spotted the on-going Bata ‘Back To School’ Promotion!  I grew up with Bata and their shoes are widely purchased throughout the school terms. Each year, when Bata ‘Back To School’ Promotion kick starts, parents will flock to the stores to purchase school shoes for their kids.

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Bata ‘Back To School’ Promotion

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There are many choices available during the promotion, one is definitely spoilt for choice. We can select brands from BFirst, Tranformers, Hello Kitty, North Star and Bubble Gummers range. The Bata ‘Back To School’ Promotion is offering the below:

  • 2 pairs of White Shoes Combo @ RM69
  • 2 pairs of Black Shoes Combo @ RM79

Selecting The Right Quality Shoes

Bata School Campaign 2

Among the many brands available, I selected BFirst shoes range for Kenwyn. Why BFirst? In terms of design, it’s pretty contemporary but yet trendy enough to wear to school or even for weekend outings. In fashion terms, white is the new black *wink*

Next, as we all know school children are burdened with heavy school bags; thus extra lightweight shoes are the best to reduce the kids burden to school.  BFirst shoes are certainly lightweight and if you’re worried that it’s not sturdy enough. Just flip the bottom to see the soles pattern which offers a good grip on the ground event during rainy days. The shoes parts are made with mesh combined with PVC that gives great ventilation system to disperse the heat. When comes in contact with water, the shoes dry off quickly too!

Bata School Campaign 2

With easily detachable Velcro strap design, it suits Kenwyn well for it’s easier to remove. Did I mentioned the shoes comes with foam lining to provide his feet with extra comfort protection? Last but not least, take a step closer to find a strip of silver lining design at the back of the shoes. This strip is actually reflective when shined upon with lights. Thus, from afar one can easily noticed the reflective strip and knows that there are school children walking nearby. Don’t you think that’s a brilliant design concept to keep our children safer?

Bata School Campaign 2

With the Bata ‘Back To School’ promotion on going, I went ahead and purchased 2 pairs of White Shoes Combo @ RM69! Such a bargain as I get great quality shoes!

Bata School Campaign 2

For those who are looking at quality school shoes and also ensuring kids grow up with healthy feet; feel free to visit Bata website or facebook page for more information.

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