Recipe: Creamy Mash Potatoes With Bacon

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Hiya foodies!

I’m back with another one of my favourite recipe using McCormick herbs and Chefology. Earlier I did a recipe for Spice Herbs Steak which is a resounding success with my family. Now, they’re cooking it weekly.  Thus, today I’m sharing my own version of ‘Creamy Mash Potatoes With Bacon’

McCormick & Chefology 1

Here are the ingredients:

  1. 8 potatoes (wash and peel)
  2. 4 – 6 slices of Bacon (diced)
  3. McCormick Blackpepper Corn grinder
  4. McCormick Sea Salt grinder
  5. Milk


Step 1:

McCormick & Chefology 2

Wash, peel and steam potatoes till soft. (Tips: To ensure potatoes soften and cook faster, cut it into smaller pieces.

Step 2:

McCormick & Chefology 4

Pour in diced bacon into the Chefology pan. Set it to medium fire and fried till crispy brown. (Tips: Heat up the pan and use butter to fried bacon as it’s healthier)

Step 3:

McCormick & Chefology 3

Mash the steam potatoes. Ensure to blend it well (Tip: Mash it when it’s hot as it’s easier to blend)

Step 4:          

McCormick & Chefology 6

Use McCormick Sea Salt grinder. Grind the salt to suit your taste.

Step 5: 

McCormick & Chefology 6 (2)   

Use McCormick Blackpepper Corn grinder. Grind the blackpepper to suit your taste.

Step 6:

McCormick & Chefology 7

Pour in fried bacon

Step 7:

McCormick & Chefology 8

Add in 5 – 6 tbsp of milk (Tip: As you blend, feel free to add more milk till the creaminess suit your taste)

Step 8:

McCormick & Chefology 9

Start blending and mixing the mash potatoes.

McCormick & Chefology 10

Ta-da, my final product is ready to be served. I usually love to serve it with a generous sprinkles of parsley. There you go my quick and easy recipe for ‘Creamy Mash Potatoes With Bacon.  I hope you enjoy it too!

McCormick & Chefology 11
My son loves this dish! can also add a dash of McCormick Vintage Smokehouse BBQ Sauce 😉

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