Recipe: Spice Herbs Steak With McCormick and Chefology

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Howdy foodies!

Remember earlier I shared my cooking experience using McCormick herbs and Chefology in The Cooking House. Guess what, the experience inspire me to create my very own dish. My experimentation was a success and I’m proud to present my very own recipe ‘Spice Herbs Steak’ with McCormick and Chefology.

McCormick MP

Here are the ingredients:

  1. A slice of Steak
  2. McCormick Blackpepper Corn grinder
  3. McCormick Sea Salt grinder
  4. McCormick Chili Ground
  5. McCormick Oregano grinder
  6. McCormick Vintage Smokehouse BBQ Sauce
  7. Butter


  1. Using McCormick Blackpepper Corn grinder, turn 5 rounds clock-wise (Estimate about 1 tsp)
  2. Followed by McCormick Sea Salt grinder, turn 3 rounds clock-wise (Estimate about ½ tsp)
  3. Next, tap 3 rounds of McCormick Chili Ground (Estimate about ½ tsp)
  4. Then, grind 3 rounds of McCormick Oregano grinder (Estimate: ½ tsp)
  5. Lastly, squeeze in McCormick Vintage Smokehouse BBQ Sauce (Estimate 1 -2 tbsp)
  6. Flip the other side and repeat steps 1 – 5.
  7. Gently massage all the ingredients into the steak
  8. Set it aside to rest for 30 – 45 minutes

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Now, we’ve got to heat up the Chefology pan. Set it to high fire for about 2 minutes and turn it to medium. Once, it’s heated, I used butter (1 -3 tbsp) to grease the pan. I prefer using butter as it’s healthier than using oil. Make sure to grease the pan well.

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Next, put in the marinated McCormick steak and set the fire to medium. Watch it whilst it’s cooking to avoid it from burning. It should take roughly about 15-20 minutes to cook the steak. Best part, I don’t need to worry that the steak will stick onto the pan as Chefology nature series are non-stick pan!

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Ta-da, my steak is read to be served. Take a closer look, it’s a well done steak ya 😉 I served it together with mash potatoes and baby beet roots. Topped with a generous sprinkle of McCormick Oregano herbs.

McCormick 9

There you go my quick and easy recipe for ‘Spice Herbs Steak’. Hope you enjoy it too!

McCormick 9

For more information on McCormick and Chefology, please refer below:

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