(Review) Affordable Fine Dine French Cuisines @ Chez Gaston, Bangsar

Within the walking distance to Bangsar LRT, you’ll chanced upon Chez Gaston. A charming French restaurant run by the talented Chef Florian who dishes amazingly authentic French cuisine. Without burning a hole in your pockets, you can enjoy fine dine French dishes at a fraction of the price at Chez Gaston!

Don’t you feel like sitting here all day long while sipping on chill wine or cocktails; whilst enjoying the dishes available?

Soupe de poisons – RM17

We started with a hearty bowl of Flo’s father’s recipe (his father was also a chef and restaurateur). He offers us a warm bowl of sea fish soup, blended with fennel, tomato, and serve with rouille sauce, croutons and emmental cheese. From the first mouthful, this soup got me hook right till the end. Fragrant with hidden layers of flavors it’s definitely a recommended dish!

Escargots Bourguignon – RM24

For starters, we had the Escargots Bourguignon. This may be stereotypical dish but not every restaurant knows how to get it right. At Chez Gaston, the escargots bourguignon are baked to perfection with potent homemade garlic and her butter. Dip in and enjoy every single morsel.

Terrine de foie de canard mi-cuite – RM16

Dine the French way by indulging in pates & terrines. Here we have Terrine de foir de canard mi-cuite featuring duck liver foie gras terrine marinated with cognac and sweet moscato white wine, half cooked and served with roasted brioche, air dried duck breast and fig jam.

A delectable dish of myriad flavors, there’s sweetness with a burst of fiery cognac and crisp brioche for that extra crunch.

Bouillabaisse – RM68

Hail from sea, we’ve got Bouillabaisse. A plate of fresh Seabass, red mullet sole fish fillets with a tiger prawn and clams. Flambes with pastis, simmered in a fish soup and topped with aioli croutons, this Marseile city specialty is truly delish!

St-Jacques ala crème d’ail et basilic (6 pcs) – RM65

One of my favorite dish for the night was the seared scallops with Garlic white wine and basil sauce. Juicy and tender, each bite was heavenly. Recommended dish!

Cuisse de poulet grille fromagere – RM42

I’ve never been a fan of goat cheese, but at Chez Gaston I had the opportunity to try this dish. It’s a delicious combination of slow cooked capsicums grilled chicken chop with goat cheese topped with honey and coarse black pepper. The tart and earthy flavor of goat cheese was well balanced with sweet honey. The grilled chicken chop was juicy and tender, certainly a memorable dish for the night

Boudin Noir Aux Pommes – RM35

One of the highly recommended dish at Chez Gaston is the Boudin Noir Aux Pommes. This French delicacy features a large pork blood sausage served on a bed of caramelised apples, and comes with roasted baby potato wedges and cabbage coleslaw. The soft pork blood falls apart on the fork but tastes divine. However, this dish is an acquired taste *wink*

Side dishes that came along with the mains were also really good. We had roasted potatoes and grill tomato filled with creamy garlic paste.

One must always end the night with desserts *this is a quote I coined as I’ve got sweethtooth*

Lemon Meringue

Lemon custard filling topped with fluffy meringue and baked bottom pie crust.  Paired with chill sorbet…simply yummylicious!

ile flottante – RM11

Soft meringue floating island on an egg and vanilla custard. Fluffy and not too sweet, absolutely perfect!

Mousse au Chocolate- RM12

Made using 62% Dhana dark chocolate mousse. This classic French Chocolate Mousse is incredibly delicious!

If you’re looking for an affordable and authentic fine dine French cuisines, Chez Gaston comes highly recommended. To avoid disappointment, better reserve your tables early as the restaurant can be quite full at times.

Chez Gaston – French Bistro
12, Jalan Bangsar Utama 9, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan.
Contact: 011-39930036
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday
Lunch 12pm – 230pm
Dinner 6pm – 10pm
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/chezgastonkl/

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