(Review) Bfab Instant Booking To Beauty Salon & Spa

After running around like mad preparing for the CNY festive season, my body is in dire need of a good massage. Googling online, I came upon Bfab – Your one-stop instant beauty & wellness booking platform and I was intrigued to find out more.

Doing a quick routine check on the platform (to ensure it’s not a phony scam). Bfab is started by a team of entrepreneurs who are passionate in providing a convenient one-stop solution to customers to book their beauty & wellness appointment. Backed by strong credentials of being associated with the Malaysian Hairdressing Association, Malaysia Association of Wellness & Spa (MAWSPA) and others definitely put my mind at ease. So, I’m now more than ready to kick-start my booking journey on Bfab.

Check out some of the partners they’re associated with:

Bfab - Partners

Quick explanation on the platform working mechanics:

Bfab - Working Method

What’s the benefits of using Bfab?

Bfab - Benefits

Step 1: Start by Joining Bfab (Easy-peasy: Just need my name, surname, mobile no and email)

Bfab - Join

Step 2: Received an email notification to activate my account

Bfab - Confirmantion email

Step 3: After logging in, create & save my profile.

Bfab - Create profile

Step 4: Select my treatment preferences ranging from massages, facials, nails and lots more. To make it easier I can narrow my search via map, time, date & location availability, treatment type and price.

Bfab - Selecting Preferences

Step 5: Once I’ve selected the merchant, click onto the services to make a booking.

Bfab - To book

Step 6: A pop-up box will appear, fill in my preferred time and date accordingly.

Bfab - Book

Step 7: Followed by checking out to proceed to payment details (Note: Payment is made at the venue itself).

Bfab - Confirm Booking

Voila, it’s done and I can save myself the hassle of calling the beauty salon directly for bookings. This platform provides great service which is convenience at our finger tips. Go ahead and try to book a beauty salon online youself today!

Bfab - Recommended Treatments

By the way, great news for everyone feel free to check out “Bfab launch promo: Use the code “BFABNOW” at www.bfab.my and get 20% off EVERYTHING on Bfab till 29 February 2016”. Psst..This code is usable for up to 4 bookings and imagine the tons of money you can save *woots*

Bfab Promo

I’ve made several bookings for the next 2 months and can’t wait to enjoy em. If you’ve tried Bfab before, feel free to share your experience here.

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