(Review) Bonding Time Thru Reading With QQ Books: Intelligence Booster For Young Learners

I’ve been trying to get my elder son Kenwyn to be more active in reading, however so far my attempts has failed. Reason being he’s got lack of attention when it comes to reading and prefer to spend his time watching TV instead. This is quite a common problem for parents as kids are well-known to have less attention span.

As I was searching high and low for a book that might capture his interest, I was introduced to QQ Books: Intelligence Booster For Young Learners by Scholastic Asia. The books are divided into three interesting aspects of a child’s development as follows:

Scholastic 3

  • CQ stands for Creative Quotient and it stimulates my child’s imagination and curiosity. It will help to nurture his imagination and liberal thinking as well. By combining the concepts of challenging common norms, processing different aspect of components and lots more.
  • IQ also know as Intelligence Quotient is to stimulate his brain and also provides memory training to boost his brain’s development. It is done via activities such as problem solving and spatial imageries.
  • EQ or Emotional Intelligence Quotient helps to grow his social skills and self-esteem so that he can manage his emotions and be more empathetic to others. The activities in the book encourages his response to certain situations and how he should communicate with others.

Scholastic book 4

These books are just perfect for children aged 4 to 5 years old at this age they’re like a sponge absorbing everything. The books comes in colourful illustrations and easy to read sentences and best part it has stickers. The stickers engages my son as he tries to figure out which stickers are paired together.

reading time with scholastic

I started off with IQ to test his memory skills and he just loves figuring out the places to put the stickers. (Stickers materials are extremely good, if you paste it wrongly it’s quite easy to lift it and redo).

Next, was the EQ where he learns about social skills and empathy to others. In the past, if I scolded him, he will ignore me but now he actually says ‘I’m sorry Mommy and asked me ‘Are you alright?’. Thanks to the books he has learned to socialize better with others and grasp the concept of wrong and right behaviour.

EQ Book - Scholastic
Completed page by Kenwyn with a little help from mommy 😉

Finally, it was CQ to stimulate his imagination. He was having tons of fun pointing out stuff to me and asked me ‘Why is this here?’ or ‘What is this?’. Throughout, these past weeks, we’ve learned to be more patient with each other and try to adapt to one another needs. It was truly a great bonding process for us. He also learned some new vocabulary with the books. Now, every night he will come to me and say ‘Book’ and show me the book he wants to read. Guess my objective is achieve, I’ve got a bookworm in my house  😀

Having fun with stickers - scholastic books
Loving those stickers

You can find QQ Books: Intelligence Booster For Young Learners at all major bookstores and retails at RM25 per book (Note: Prices differ in every bookstore). I would highly recommend the books for it’s a great start to capture the interest of our kids and let them explore via reading. Find out more books from Scholastic Asia on their Website or Facebook Page

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