Review – Counter Ageing Skin With Mary Cohr CatioVital Youth Treatment

Age is beginning to catch up on me. Signs of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation are beginning to show. There are many different types of treatment to counter ageing. Recently, I’ve been invited to review Mary Cohr CatioVital Youth Treatment. A customised rejuvenating treatment method that visibly enhances and rejuvenates the skin by stimulating cellular activity. It’s a genuine alternative to Aesthetic Medicine that immediately acts on signs of skin ageing.

Before my facial I begin, I had a quick chatting session with the therapist to further understand how Mary Cohr CatioVital Youth Treatment works. As we began to aged, our skin’s cellular activity starts to lose energy and multiply at a slower rate. With CatioVital Youth treatment it can visibly rejuvenates our skin by infusing cells with energy.

This machine is running on real time as it guides the therapist step by step

There are seven options available for Mary Cohr CatioVital Youth Treatment and it’s solely based on our own  beauty goals. The options are:

  1. Anti-ageing
  2. Anti-wrinkle
  3. Gentle Moisturisation
  4. Gentle Nourishment
  5. Purity
  6. Brightening
  7. Sun Preparation / Repair

Take a guess on which is my beauty goal? Ask no further for its definitely brightening. Reason being my face’s area are besiege by it. Now, the therapist assure me that I’ll be able to see visible results on my first treatment, so let’s see whether that’s true! After preparing my skin by removing all traces of makeup, cleansing and exfoliating the face and neck area. I’m more than ready for Mary Cohr CatioVital Youth Treatment which consist of 3 major steps.


Using Deep Cleansing gel for purification. This gel texture product contains essential oils such as sage, rosemary and lavender to further soothe my skin.  Next, applied Thermal Under Mask (its dampen with water beforehand) on my face and follow by Heating Mask for 7 minutes. The therapist will adjust the intensity level based on my skin’s sensitivity level.

Thermal Under Mask

What does the Heating Mask do? The high temperature emanating from it will help to increase cellular activity by diffusing energy that’s similar to “Sauna Effect”. It causes excessive secretion of the sebaceous and sweat glands, eliminating excess toxins from my skin.  Don’t worry as my skin did not suffer any burns. In fact, I Iove the heat energy coming from it.

Heating Mask


After cleansing my face, the therapist apply Eye Serum Gel to my eye contour area to diminish puffiness. Containing chamomile extract, this product also helps to soothe the eye area and dark eye circles as well. Next, we used SWHITE CLARIFIER SERUM GEL on my face, next and décolleté to brighten and diminish the production of melanin.

Once, my skin is fully covered with serum gel, the therapist will use the cold electrodes to gently massage my skin in circular upward motion.  The Dynamic Ionisation increases molecular agitation, will assist to improve penetration and optimal effectiveness of the ac tive ingredients contained in the Serum Gels. Again, the intensity level can be adjusted to your own liking. Do not be afraid for there’s no discomfort or stinging sensation.This step will take about 10 – 20 minutes to complete.


No facial is complete until the massage part. We kick start the massage by applying New Youth “Eye Contour” to gently massage the eyes in circular motion. I opted for ‘Lavender ‘essential oil to help eliminate stress. This is my favourite part and I wished it last forever but alas the 20 minutes was up.

We ended my treatment by applying eye and face mask. Are you ready to see the results? Quite an amazing difference! Before I started my facial, my skin was dull and lack lustre. After treatment you can see is more visibly rejuvenated and brighten as well. ( ignore the redness on my skin as the blood flow is circulating after treatment)

If you’re interested to try it our for yourself, drop a line to +603-76812288 (Kevin) to find out the nearest beauty salon that offers the Mary Cohr CatioVital S-White Treatment. For more info & updates, please visit Mary Cohr Malaysia Facebook Page or Paris Website .

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  1. Great review, thank you. I love you blog, looks so classy and luxury. The french brand Guinot is just amazing. Good products with a big effect and a great smell 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful day

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