(Review) Electrify Your Day With Mary Kay Upbeat™ For Her Eau de Toilette

Mary Kay Upbeat Fragrance

I’m an avid fragrance collector and my dressing table is an avid testimonial of my obsession with it. The latest fragrance in my collection is Upbeat™ For Her Eau de Toilette by Mary Kay. I’ve always loved fragrances from Mary Kay and can barely contain my excitement when I received this on my doorstep.

Mary Kay Upbeat Fragrance 5

Mary Kay Upbeat™ For Her Eau de Toilette is described as a flirty, festival-inspired scent created to capture that one special feeling. A scent that entices one to BE FREE, it’s is most suitable for the young and energetic. Upbeat concept is based on celebrating people’s love for music. When a crowd gathers together and shared their obsession with music, it’ll unite and electrify everyone. That’s what we called the spirit of Upbeat.

Mary Kay Upbeat Fragrance 4

Unboxing the product, I fell in the love with the translucent tear drop bottle. The bottle is a mix of yellow/orange colour and it seemly lift up my spirits (kinda like having an eternal sunshine on me).  On first mist, I detected a woody and floral musky scent. For an EDT, the muskiness scent was surprisingly strong for the fragrance contains the scent of Chypre Fruity (Fruity and Woody). However, after it settle down, you’ll find a burst of Citrusy fresh top notes with a hint of floral touch. Just love how at the end it tones down to a totally floral scent. Being an EDT, this fragrance does not last long but you can always mist yourself again 😀

Mary Kay Upbeat Fragrance 1

Below is the scent description:

Opening Notes:
This unique fragrance opens with a captivating burst of red berries, sweet nectarine and sparkling apple. The delicious surge creates a boost of energy and a sense of excitement to last through the festival experience.

The Backbeat:
Jasmine rose, muguet and wild honeysuckle add a sweet flirty nuance to this energetic fragrance. It exudes femininity, sensuality and the spirit of moving to the beat.

The Finish:
Patchouli, skin musk, amber and agarwood unite to create the perfect mood for partying into the night.

Mary Kay Upbeat Fragrance 6

The scent is intriguing and it certainly perks up my day. This is how Linda Song, creator of Upbeat™ for Her Eau de Toilette envisioned it –‘A flirty, fun-seeking, energetic girl that grows with the evolution of a song.  A fragrance for her starting with a captivating, sparkling introduction that builds into a chorus, revealing a deeper soul and vibe to the creation.’

Mary Kay Upbeat™ For Her Eau de Toilette is price at RM89 (60ml). If you like this fragrance, contact your nearest Mary Kay Independent Consultant at 03-7711 7500 or visit www.marykay.com.my for more information. Feel free to check it out at Mary Kay Facebook today!

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