Review – Glowing Hydrated Skin with Naturalistic Skincare La’ Piel Labs

La' Piels Labs

It’s been quite some time since I explore skincare products from Korea. I’ve been introduced to La’Piel Labs, a premium skincare brand from Korea. The sustainable cruelty-free products are manufactured with over 90% naturally derived EWG All Green ingredients.

What is La’ Piel Labs?

La’ Piel Labs, stands for ‘skin laboratory’. It’s a naturalistic skincare brand that develops products with a fundamental approach to tackling skin concerns. A prerequisite for healthy, beautiful skin is an abundant supply of moisture, and they have discovered the solution of finding this moisture that our skin is seeking in the unrevealed, endless possibilities of nature.

Unique Ingredients

The unique ingredient in La’ Piel Labs is the ‘Blue Green Algae’. This vital power of a flower is hidden under the waters, found in pure lakes holds onto its self-regeneration abilities through thousands of years.

Today, I’m reviewing the AQUA DE LUCIR series which focuses on intense hydration and anti-aging. Every product works to repair damaged skin, protects against blue light and fortifies the skin barrier for moisture retention and wrinkle reduction.

Hydro Softner Spray (100ml – RM149)

Infused in 83% lavender flower water, a suite of powerful ingredients like Blue-Green Algae Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Trehalose, Panthenol, and proprietary Botanic Complex. A unique spray toner with strong hydrating properties, made to refresh dried out skin, and to moisturise skin.

Packaging & scent

Love the sea green color which reminds me of crystal clear lake deep or ocean. It comes in a spray bottle and the lavender scent is amazing!

How to use?

The Hydro Softner Spray can be used anytime in the day or when face feels dry. Just mist lightly onto face (remember to hold it approx. 15 cm away).

Hydro Enrich Cream (50g – RM199)

A luscious cream that maintains skin’s oil-to-moisture balance, it alleviates subdermal dehydration and fortifies our skin barrier. Ingredients like Blue-Green Algae Extract repairs skin damage, while Coco-Caprylate/ Caprate delivers long lasting hydration that penetrates deeply and aids in rejuvenation.

Packaging, scent & texture

The white luscious cream is in a pump bottle format with a lingering lavender scent after application.

How to use?

Use as final step of skincare routine, gently apply to face let is absorb.  *Tip: You may use it as a sleeping mask by lathering on a more generous amount.

My Verdict

I’ve been using both products for about a week. Let’s start with the Hydro Softner Spray. I loved using it whenever I feel my face is dry. The mist helps to moisten my face, leaving it more hydrated and supple. The packaging is quite compact and its convenient to bring along in my bag.

The Hydro Enrich cream is simply lovely to have on the skin. Although it has a luscious creamy texture, when applied on the skin, it does not leave an icky sticky feeling. Absorbs pretty fast on the skin. I loved the amazing lavender scent of both products which helps to calm my stress mind! FYI, I used it day and night so far no breakouts on the skin (psst…for daytime I lather a light amount whilst nighttime I put a generous amount of it). I haven’t tried using it as a sleeping mask yet but might try it out soon *wink* Overall, I felt my skin seems more moisturised than before.

If you loved lavender scent and natural skincare products, feel free to explore La’ Piel Labs. The product is now available at

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